VPP with Nissan


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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Nissan Murano SV Premium
Monthly Payment: $ TBD
Drive-Off Amount: $ TX, Dmv, bnk fee
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 15000
MF: .00062
Residual: 64%
Incentives: 4700 +VPP
Region: New York
Leasehackr Score: ?
Leasehackr Calculator Link: ?
Murano SV Premium
24 mo/15k
I’m told this program, VPP, has that the SUV, is to be leased at a 1000 dollars under invoice. The rebates before this program was approved was $4700.00. No cap cost reduction. MF .ooooo62

So what’s the deal? For example, the monthly payment and drive-off amount.

I replied but I dont see it so Im doing again:
Please guide me
SV Prem Murano Nissan
MF .000062
No Cap cost reduc
VPP deal
15k/24 mo

Please break it down to the original post and the number there. This doesn’t help much.

VPP can be done 2 ways.

  1. No negotiating and $1k back of invoice.
  2. Negotiate your dealer discount, and mention VPP at the very end for an additional savings (depending on the model can be up to $2k). To me, this is what you do for the best deal, and something I did on 3 Nissan Leafs. VPP was worth $1150 for that model.
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Thank you for reply
Again, this word invoice. Invoice is the dealers cost or a piece of paper that says Invoice that is not the dealers cost. To me dealers cost that was charged by the manufacturer or the bank. Invoice I think is not that number. I know there is regional advertising to add but that basically thats cost.
Please reply and further if you know where on web to find approximate cost.

Leasehackr score 8.8 yrs

I’d ask for 3% back of invoice plus whatever the VPP reimbursement is from Nissan, Nissan is a dog right now with outdated product, no reason to pay anymore than necessary. Or better yet email a crap ton of dealers and see how far back of invoice they’ll go without showing your hand.

What the heck is invoice/ is it the cost of car dealer pays to manufacturer or bank?
Please someone?
Thank you for your reply Saab 2000

Sorta kinda. The dealer isn’t ever spending their money to pay for the car up front, they’re just paying interest to hold it. Eventually, the manufacturer is getting paid that from the deal, however, there are other cash sources for the dealer in the form of holdback, volume bonuses, direct to dealer incentives, money from financing/marked up MF, etc. A dealer that sells you the car for invoice isn’t making $0.

That’s a very complete answer and I appreciate it but it’s sort of “below decks” stuff. It may be that the question asked by me should’ve been followed up with more but I tried to simplify. Not withstanding invoice and internal manufacturers incentives to dealer to sell their cars, I’m interested on the other end. How do you or where do you approximately find out how much the difference between cost and MSRP.
Specifically, this is current dialogue:
Your VPP allows you $1000 under invoice but we’re already beating that. Questionable if 7.5 percent discount off MSRP?
Please reply

It doesn’t matter. All that matters is what the dealer is willing to sell it for. Every dealer has different cost structure, incentives, motivations, etc.

One dealer may go 25% off whereas another won’t go below 10%.

That’s why it’s important to shop every dealership in your region and negotiate with the ones who seem motivated to be aggressive.

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