Volvo xc90 t6 r design

Hello, Just started negotiations, i feel like this is a strong offer but according to the calculator i can get it mid 400s.
Trade equity is getting used for 10 msds, 0 down, $525 tax included. Where can i shave some money off?

Where are you located? If incentives are $3500 in your area, that means your discount is 10.3%. You might be able to get another 1% off.

He’s telling me incentives are priced in but didn’t disclose what it was yet. 54915

Check on Volvo’s website.

It’s $3500. R-Design and Inscription are $5500 you may get a better deal for $20-$30/m more.


Yup he just said it was 3500

What do you think? This is a revised quote for a r-design. Zero down, 10msds
I think it looks pretty good to me.

They are giving you a smaller discount than your previous deal. It’s a better deal than your previous one though as you are getting a higher MSRP XC90 for less monthly.

I got them down from 528, do you think i can get them below 500?
Im also going to send it to a competing dealer, see if they can beat it too.

PM me, I’ll take a shot @ beating it! :sunglasses: