Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum with Advanced package Changed to R-Design


I was going to go with a Honda Pilot Elite but a few dealers with good discounts on a Volvo made me change my mind.
Couldn’t come close to this deal on Long Island
Dealer is in Connecticut

XC90 T6 Momentum with advanced package, heated steering, 20" rims etc
NY, all rolled in except DMV and $399 dealer fee

MSRP: $62,930
Selling Price: $53,623
Monthly Payment: $648.71
Cash Due at Signing: $1047.71 (First month, dealer fee) + DMV
MSD: None in NY
Incentives: $2000 in sales price

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00148
Residual: 61%

**Region: Suffolk county NY (Long Island)

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CT dealer can do MSDs for NY registration, I think.

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Didn’t know that I will need to ask.

Not a bad deal. LI dealers aren’t great when it comes to dealing though I did get a good deal from Volvo of Huntington five years ago.

I’m in southwestern CT – I assume you’re looking at Volvo of Stamford or Volvo of Westport. I’ve not found great deals in this area and typically end up in NJ. Picking up a car there on Sat, in fact.

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Didn’t even get to the step where the money guy wants to talk at Huntington. Told by the salesperson that they don’t do the kind of discounts I was looking for :slight_smile:

Did you look at the Audi Q7? its got a crazy deal right now. 595$ a month on the 2.0 Premium. That is with NYS taxes in. 7500miles, i think its extra 20$ for 10k miles

Before finalizing decided to look at all the options. R-Design has $4000 back to dealer instead of $2000 for the Momentum, and a lower MF .00115 instead of .00148. Residual is 1% less. So I think the lower MSRP R-designs Mid 60K should lease as well as the low 60’s Momentums.

I decided to switch to an R-design
MSRP $73575
Sale price $61702 (Includes incentives)
MF .00115
Resid 60%
10K miles
36 months
NY tax 8.675% Leased portion paid up front)

All rolled in except DMV and dealer fee.

$699 / month
1st, DMV, and $399 dealer fee up front.

Changed deals to the R-design which I preferred, increased the MSRP by over 10K for $50 extra per month.

I suspect these discounts are good through the end of the month.


Lee Weston

Sales Consultant

Riley Volvo Cars Stamford

P: (203) 359-2632 x3006

F: (203) 359-4280

enjoy the car, its a nice ride. What color?

Hi there. Do you mind sharing more details?

I dont have many more details other than what I posted, I am not a broker either so i would search around. This deal may be the ny metro area only type of thing.

That an actual deal? It’s certainly better than the Momentum one and completely believable given what I’ve seen out of Volvo. Went R Design on an S60 and XC60 and was able to save money and get better-equipped cars. In my case, I got more stuff for less money. In your case, it looks like you’re getting WAY MORE stuff for a bit more money.

If you’re happy with the extra $50/mo, I’d say you’re looking at a pretty good deal.

There’s really an 11k MSRP difference on the R-Design XC-90? That’s a huge upcharge.

I agree, you made the right call on switching up to the R-Design. That’s a pretty sweet deal to be all-in on.

I did not, I need the cargo room, Audi is under 70 Cu feet, Volvo like my prior Pilot is over 80. I did look at the VW Atlas which has more room, but the they wanted $700/month for the 51K MSRP high end version, and pickup was terrible unless you were in sport mode. Otherwise a nice car, not XC90 interior but if the lease was in the $550 all in area I would have considered it.

Bursting Blue. My wife refused to let me get black as she knows I will not keep the exterior clean enough.
They also have white and silver as well as the black in stock.

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It better be an actual deal having the insurance stuff sent over :slight_smile:)

R design package is $4950

Yes this car has a lot more stuff than I would have asked for if I was putting it together but for $50 more per month I am more than happy.
I would not have asked for Polestar, $1295
B&W premium sound. I like my music but would have been happy with stock $3200
4 corner air suspension $1800
And of course the obligatory $300 center booster cushion. My youngest is 23

So $6595 worth of options I could do without

Enjoy the booster seat. The B&O is supposed to be amazing. I’d be interested to see if the Polestar tune is noticeable.

Picked up the car today and you were right. Unfortunately I didn’t ask before going so I could just put down 6 MSDs the max they would take on the credit card. But dropped my payment from 699 to 663.
MSRP $73,575
36/10 $663 / month
1st month, $399 dealer fee, and MV at signing.
I can’t complain :slight_smile:

And probably the easiest deal I ever had at a car dealer. No surprises, actually a pleasant experience :slight_smile:

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Congrats and enjoy!

$36/mo bonus just for reading LH!!!

Selling Price
Government Fees
Proc/Doc Fees
Service Contract
Capitalized Taxes
Acq Fee
Security Deposit
Gross Capitalized Cost
Residual Value
Trade Allowance
Trade Payoff
Cash Cap Reduction
Net Cap Cost
Amount Paid by Customer

No tax yet. $649 a month on 10,000. 36 months. Is this a good deal?