Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum (need advice, first lease, please)

Looking for advice here, never leased before.

I tried to research based on all of the feedback from this great user community.

State: Florida
Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum w upgraded wheels
A Plan pricing
2019 model year
MSRP $59,380
Price $50,859
Residual Value 61% w 10k miles for 36 months ($36,220)
Dealer fee $999
$0 down
MF 0.001480
Monthly cost of $555 includes tax of 7%

Includes tinted windows

Are you sure they are doing a-plan? Looks like 8% off before 3k allowance and $750 a-plan. Without a-plan you get 10% off on this sales price. A-plan allows for invoice (6%) only. Also in your calculator - acquisition fee is $995, not $400.

Thank you! Do you think this is a good deal?

I think you get good discount, but can try for another $500-1,000. Clarify what they do there - a-plan or no a-plan. And do MSDs, if you can. It will lower payments by around $40/mo

I am working w/ Weston Volvo on this, not sure where you are located. I also have a loyalty bonus. Are you at a different location? If so, let me know.

I got my XC90 from you/Jonathan in May. Nice to have a South Florida Volvo GSM on here.

(I recognized the username from the vanity plate)

OP - these guys beat Weston out on my deal. North Miami might have done a better deal but they tried to push a broken car on me.

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How do I contact you? I sent something to someone at Gunther but never heard back. The guy who sent me an email said he would beat my offer by $750, keep my tint offer, and even give me a vacation!

My wife went to the dealer today and had a change in heart. She liked the denim blue w/ blond and the black ash wood. I think it is stock L531976 your inventory has a similar one stock L7651. I can’t see the differences.

I have A plan pin and I currently own a S90 for loyalty. Happy to shift our future purchases to Gunther. Navigation is not important. We want 7 seats. We have 2 months left on the current lease.

With two months left, you’re eligible for doing a pull ahead on the S90 lease. You lose the $500 loyalty, but don’t have to pay the last two payments.

Sorry, my last note was not accurate. This XC90 is for my wife, her lease is a VW not Volvo. It is up in 2 months.

Ah, gotcha. Nevermind then.