Volvo XC90 lease deal calculation - deal check


I received this quote for a dealership in CA and I can’t get to make sense out of it.
I’m putting 5k down and 3.5k MSD (I know it is not a 0 down deal but I have my reasons for that :wink: ).

Market Value - 71,400.00
Discount - 1,500.00
Adjusted price - 69,900.00
Taxable fees - 1,025.00
Doc fee - 85.00
Tax - 928.65
Non tax fees - 785.75
Net price - 72,724.40
Rebate - 1,066.70
Trade allowance - 47,168.00
Trade payoff - 40,559.00
Balance - 65,048.70

My total drive off is listed as 8500 including down and MSD and monthly including tax is 700

I can’t get this to work in the calculator and I wonder if all these fees are going to be asked on top of the drive off or included in it?

Let me this this straight.

You’re paying $5,000 down, plus $7,000 in trade equity plus MSDs. So essentially you’re $12,000 DAS plus MSDs?

That makes your actual monthly payment $1,033.

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Thanks yes I just realized this.
This is where there was a huge miscommunication with the dealership. I don’t want at all to put the 7k in trade equity in the deal.
I actually wanted the same deal with just the 5k down and get back my 7k in trade equity in cash…

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Is this a 2021 or 2022 model?

So you are 7k apart, then. I would move on from this dealer.

What is the MSRP on the window sticker? Some dealers like using “market value” to confuse the consumer.

Does your monthly include all fees (doc + reg + acquisition) or are you paying them upfront?

Using the numbers you provided, your effective monthly payment is $700 + ($5000/36 months) = $838.XX.

Thanks @Bluemkn57cars
I’ll indeed move on.

The MSRP is the correct one.

The main issue is really that they included the trade in equity while I was litterally looking at just a down of 5k with no trade in equity which would have got me to an ok deal in the current environment.

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