Volvo XC90 Demo Lease Criteria

I’m looking at a dealer advertised special for a “new” 2020 XC90 with ~20% off MSRP. No posted mileage. I will need to call.

Can anyone give me an idea of what the criteria are for Volvo demo leases? eg. Max age and mileage to qualify. If a demo is leasable, how do the MF and residuals work with respect to the standard rates?


I thought lease support was over for 2020s

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It is… with VFS in Mid-Atl and Southern.


you can still lease the car but it will not be w the captive lender.

How many Volvo dealers work with 3rd party banks? I don’t know know I’ve ever seen one.

well if that particular dealer is offering 20% off on a lease for it, it’s through a third party bank. vcfs support on 20s ended across the country.

Can I get a trim or PM a vin, I’m happy to pull Ally or USBank info if avail.


That is probably a loaner/demo. You can lease 2021 demos, but not many demos are going to be available (compared to 2019 and early 2020 due to supply), so don’t expect 20% discount.

Is Volvo somehow still offering purchase incentives on 2020s that would be applicable for 3rd party leases?

Last month afaik there was. I didn’t look nor did I care for this month.


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Just looked, there are no 2020 incentives left.

Just checked last month, 4.5-8k in purchase incentives with third party banks or standard APR for XC90s.



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My guess is they’re just advertising a sales price and there’s no discussion of a lease

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Yep, I’m sure this is the purchase price and it includes Volvo incentives

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