Volvo XC90 - best value trim?

Hi All,

Looking for advice from XC90s owners/Leasehackrs on the best bang-for-your-buck XC90 trim. Looking at Momentum, Inscription and T8. My budget might override all of this so any suggestions for brokers/deals are also welcome.

Essentials are:

  • T6 Engine (or T8)
  • 6 Seats
  • Climate Package

Not sure if I need it (like to have?):

  • Advance package for the 360 camera
  • Inscription trim

I was surprised at how close in price all three variants are once you add the T6/T8 engine. It also doesn’t look like the Advance package is available on a lot of the broker deals that I’m seeing. I feel like this would useful to have for the 360 camera for parking etc.

Is the Inscription cost worth it over the base Momentum(T6)? If you said Yes, would you still pick the Inscription over the base T8 with the Momentum interior?

Any advice welcome, thank you. Also happy to hear from brokers about current deals in the North East.

What is your budget?


T8 inscription expression is the best bang for the buck. Inscriptions are expensive right now.


I have had 3 new XC90s… currently 2019 T6 R Design and a 2020 T5 MOM, plus had a 2017 T6 MOM

My observations. We had the 360 camera and almost never used it. I “had” to get the T6 Rdesign and didn’t want to downgrade to the T5. My wife got the T5 a yr later and I must say driving around town with the family in tow, the T5 and the T6 are nearly identical. I was impressed with the T5.


Thanks for the replies so far guys.

@aronchi Thank you. I think I noticed that in your May deals. Do any come with Climate and Advance package? The $584 monthly (we’re in CT so I think that is over 600 with taxes) is probably doable - we would qualify for loyalty and my wife works in healthcare so I think we we would also get a discount there. We’re also Costco members but I’m not sure if that’s valid anymore.

@Kerob Thanks for the feedback. I love that you’ve had 3 XC90s.

We’re coming from an XC40 that we love, but we’ve had two kids since we signed the lease and it’s just not going to work with the rear-facing car seats and leg room. I’ve just put in the paperwork to buy it out because I should be able to sell it to Carvana for a few extra $.

you can text me and i’ll let you know what i have. figure everything in the 67s has climate, won’t have advance.

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T6 MOM with advanced and heating is the best value, IMO. But @aronchi knows what leases better now.

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What would be the monthly difference between T6 (62k) and a T8 (68k)?
I heard T8 leases better so I’m not sure if going with the T6 is worth it.

The T8 with advanced will be around $70K, if you want to try comparing different apples to apples.
And there is property tax in CT also, right?

Yes. We do have property taxes in CT. Each town has a different mill rate. I’m not sure how Volvo does things, but the personal property tax on my leased 2019 Tacoma gets paid by Toyota who then adds that tidy sum to the bill of my next lease payment. I’m currently looking at 2021 Explorers and have been told (by a very reliable source) that Ford Credit adds the Personal Property Tax Payment into the monthly lease payment.

Funny I just messaged a broker about the same car yesterday… imo a t8 inscription would be approx 100 bucks more than t6 inscription … which would be 100 more than t5 momentum… going from an x5 the extra pep you feel in the t8 is prob worth it for me…

T6 Momentum with advanced and heated wheel/rear seats is probably the best bang for the buck

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Volvo pays and then bills you.

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