Volvo XC90 A-plan price sheet

My first post here so TIA.
Anyone know where I can get a copy of the Costco A-plan price sheet for the 2018 XC90? (And S90 if it’s not too much).

Also is there a list of reputable dealers? Preferably in socal. I keep seeing Cheveygirls name popping up and she’s sounds like a great person to work with, if I were getting a chevy.

I am new here as well, so I am certain others can chime in with more precise answers but I will give it a shot.

I am utilizing the Costco Auto Program as an option and am unsure they reveal that information until the Authorized Dealer Contact(s) contact you. They mention a Price Sheet, but unless I missed something, I have yet to see it. I believe it is dealer specific as opposed to general pricing.

A word of caution, Costco is excellent, but the service you receive is dependent upon the dealership. My deal stalled because the contact is doing what they want as opposed to what they are supposed to.

Also, while I was unable to work out a deal with @chevysalesgirl (distance being more of a factor than anything else), she was awesome in her communication - very kind and professional. From that alone, I would recommend her.

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I think someone posted A Plan pricing on both in another Volvo/Costco thread.

Others can give you much more info, but I know dealers can discount the car more than A-Plan, although some of them tried to claim that wasn’t the case.

LH is an incredible resource that helped me get far better deals leasing cars for myself and family members the past few months. I used @Benedetto on my 2018 XC90 and definitely recommend giving him a call if you’re considering a broker. He did a great job and fees were very transparent and fair.

If you hit the search button and put costco a-plan, you will find it.

I have not check on the Volvo A-plan pricing as of late, but it seems like there are additional saving on the 2018 XC90.

Thank you so much for this!

Its not fixed, these prices are negotiable.

Does anyone have an updated Nov A-plan price sheet for the 2017 XC90?

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Would love to see the “lease examples” spreadsheet. Thanks

Here is the updated info on XC90. I only see lease examples for the S60 this month.

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Would it be possible to see those examples of S60’s that you mentioned?

Wife’s Chevy lease is coming up and a S60 might be a good option. Thanks.

A-plan info for S60. As has been said before about Volvo, discounts significantly greater than the A-plan 6% are achievable

Purchase pricing:

Lease deal

Thank you very much.

Anyone have the xc90 examples ? Going in 10 days for one have A plan with company as supplier…

Any tips?

Yah, don’t use a plan. It locks you in at a discount a good bit lower than what can be found otherwise. Using a plan will cost you thousands.

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Dare I ask how otherwise, or are you a dealer , lol

Don’t bump 2 year told threads.