Volvo XC60 T5 R Design AWD

Working this deal and cannot figure out the tomfoolery that this dealer is playing. See worksheet attached. Any help is greatly appreciated. I come up with a payment in the 4s vs his 542.

Happy 4th yall.

Have you confirmed with the dealer the MF used to generate the monthly in the lease sheet above? Verify on edmunds for your trim and zip and ensure that is what you are getting from the dealer.

If you post your calculator link, we can help verify it for accuracy.

The $8,850 discount you are getting from your dealer comes from two sources.

  1. Dealer Discount: What discount do you want from the dealer? This comes out of the dealer’s pocket. MSRP minus Dealer’s Discount equals PRE-INCENTIVE SELLING PRICE. This is the most important variable you will negotiate.
  2. Direct-to-Dealer Incentives. Volvo’s lease program is designed with a healthy discount built into the deal. Your dealer gets these funds directly from Volvo, make sure they put it all in your deal. You can find this incentive at or even better go to the Volvo website (Choose build your car option, build the car you want and then choose “estimate payment”. You will find incentive posted).

If you identify and share these two important figures - as well as your calculator - you will get the most helpful feedback.