Volvo XC60 R Design

Working on a deal on a 2019 Volvo XC60 R Design.

Region: Southern California

The salesperson’s final offer is $499.00/month, including tax, 10 MSD

There was nothing on paper so it seemed fishy, however, if wihat he is offering is true, here are the numbers I tried to emulate on the calculator.

MSRP: 51300
Sales price: 45500 (11%)
39 months / 10k
MF: .00034
Residual 55%
0 Down payment
DAS - First month plus Tax and License - didn’t get the exact number
Tax is 7.75%

Thoughts if this is a good deal or not?

Any advice is appreciated.

T5 FWD or AWD?

T5 FWD 2.0 liter - 4 cylinder.

The MF isn’t going down any further after 7 MSDs.

The residual on that car is 54% (they probably used the 36/10 residual by mistake). The most MSDs you can post on that (correct) buy rate is 6.

Looks like an outstanding selling price. The numbers agree with the calculator using the wrong residual.

Looks like the payment would go to around $514 with a 54% residual and your MSD would be 6 x $550 = $3,300.

Thanks. So I’m assuming it’s a good deal? Need your blessing… lol

Today the sales guy is saying I have to show up in person to push the deal last night.

Seems fishy

Residual on the NE for that car is 54%

If it’s the Thousand Oaks one, good luck!

If it’s structured like this, you should be good to go, my son.

$51,300 MSRP
$45,500 selling price
$00,695 acquisition fee
$46,195 gross cap cost
$27,702 39/10 residual at 54%
Just registration, $80 doc fee, $8.75 tire fee, DMV elec filing fee ~$30 DAS (1st payment waived).
38 remaining payments of about $514 including tax
$3,300 MSD (6)
0.00004 MF after MSDs


That’s a decent discount on xc60 from my experience in the area… what dealership is that?

Thank you for all the responses and help on this deal.

Last night, we closed on 2 - XC60’s R Design.

Much appreciated to KDS-3.7 and Jon for all the feedback. (sorry I don’t know how to link your accounts/names).

The sales manager told me that they probably can’t replicate the deal but you never know.

MSRP 51,300 / 51,900
Sales price - 44,500
MSD (6) - 3,300
Residual 54%
39 / 10.

I placed 245.50 down payment, while my brother placed 800 + change (to lower the price to 51,300).

Monthly came to 509.66 - they rebated and used the first month free on the cap reduction.

We went ahead and signed up for the wear and tear (for peace of mind since we are careless that way).

So monthly came about to 541.00 (with tax) each for 2 - 2019 Volvo XC60’s R Design.

It’s not the 499/month that we are looking for and it’s not really a hacker deal but for Volvo’s I think it’s alright.

We LOVE the vehicles.XC60-2


I think it’s hacker worthy since you were below 1% of MSRP before your wear and tear, and that was including tax. As I assess hacker worthiness, I focus on 1% excluding tax since not only do tax rates vary from state to state, in some states you have to pay tax on the entire car whereas in others it’s only on the delta between cap cost and residual. To me, the simplest apples-apples is 1% excluding tax. And yes I know that many people get under 1% even including tax. Good for them I say.

Anyway, I think you did well, and hacker worthy.


I worked with two dealerships when I was facilitating these deals.

Let me know if you are still interested.

Thank you for the kind words. I couldn’t have done it without the help of the hackers, Jon and KDS-3.7