Volvo XC60 or V90

Hello, Long term reader, first time poster, I am based in Kansas City, I am doing something wrong because I just cant find a good lease deal, can someone let guide in what I am doing wrong, also open to a broker but dont know if any service the KS area

2018 V90 CC T5
MSRP - 58675
Selling Price - 49846
Doc Fees - 399
Acq Fees - 995
Cap Cost - 51243
Monthly for 7500 miles, 36 months - $670/month inclusive tax

2018 XC60 T6 Momentum - Loaner 7000 miles on vehicle

MSRP - 51905
Selling Price - 46991
Doc Fees - 399
Acq Fees - 995
Cap Cost - 48388

7500 miles 36 months - $750/month Both of these are horrible deals, I took the 1% rules and I know is not a given, but this money should get one a more high end car.

Also since only one Volvo dealer in the city, not many other option nearby.

Any help is appreciated

It looks like the incentives on the V90 are $2,750 within a several state radius, so your selling price is very good. I don’t know what your sales tax rate is, but no matter what it is, is looks like the rate is jacked way up.

If that’s the white/amber with the matching MSRP, that dealer has to want it to go away. What residual are they using? It should be 54% = $31,684.50.

If you or anyone in your household qualifies for A-Plan, the selling price would only be slightly less, but the dealer would come out way ahead. You could as for a 0.00029 MF and a $695 acq fee and they should be thanking you profusely. If not, you need them to go lower on the rate and the deal will become super painful for them.

I didn’t tackle the XC60 deal because the incentives aren’t as strong, the payment is a lot higher, and the V90 is the better driving car.

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Thanks Kd6. Yes it is the white amber. You are right about the better driving aspects. They had a V90 ocean something edition. Now that was a car, fully loaded and so much fun. It had 7500 miles but they said that car was like 70k plus so they didn’t want to talk about that. I was ready to deal on that.

I will check with them about your points.

Thanks again for helping