Volvo XC60 Loaner/Demo Deal in NE Review

Hello, I am trying to lease a XC60 in MA, with 36/12k. I am reviewing a few different combination to find the best deal in this area - different trims, loaner option, 2020/2021, T5/T6, etc - and got one loaner deal today as below:

2020 T6 AWD Inscription Loaner
MSRP: 57,725
DAS: 1,000
MF: 0.00043 (same as the minimum MF from Edmunds)
RV: 54%
Monthly: 603.06

The above information was not enough, so in the calculator I had to make some guesses for missing inputs to closely match the monthly and DAS. (The monthly is still off by a few dollars, but I think it’s fine)

Pre-Incentive Discount is 8.5%. I input Healthcare Incentive of $1,000 and Direct-to-Dealer incentive of $2,250 based on Edmunds’ information. The current mileage is unknown yet, but I’ll ask for it tomorrow.

My questions are largely narrowed down to these two:

  1. what is the good Pre-Incentive discount range for regular (non-loaner) cars in New England area nowadays? Since there aren’t many LH posts for Volvo in NE for this year, so it was hard to estimate, but it seems that 9%-11% seems to happen pretty often.

  2. In addition to the regular cars’ Pre-Incentive discount range, how much further discount should I expect for a loaner car? Given that this car was used a bit, should I expect an additional pre-incentive discount to reach around 11%-15% (or more)? Or, is there any fixed formula that Volvo commonly uses ?

I have been studying quite a lot through the many LH posts here (really appreciate the great posts!), but I am new to lease and even to loaner car, so it’s hard to get some idea on how much pre-incentive discount I should target. Any help would be appreciated!

If @Bostoncarconcierge has anything, go with him. This is rough…

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That’s an ok deal but not great. The broker @Benedetto also offers some great prices on loaners. I recently got a much better new xc60 deal with a car dealership here in Florida.

Thanks man! He reached out (the above isn’t my quote)

We’re going to give it a shot today on the XC60!

Here’s a link to @Benedetto spreadsheet. If it is current (it was current last week, that i know) he has a nice $57K 2020 XC60 Inscription loaner at a great price. I didn’t pursue it because of the blonde leather interior. You’re doing good research!

No doubt. Ben is an incredible broker and his prices are top notch!

Correct w retired loaners it cannot

And it’s $500

And it is also pin based, hence similar to a-plan (invoice selling price), right?

Should be a straight $500

I don’t know, my Cali Volvo dealer said it’s like a plan.

  • Restrictions apply. Medical Professional Affinity Bonus exclusively for active members of an eligible Medical Team. Available toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new 2020 Volvo V60, V60CC, XC40, XC60, XC90, excludes XC90 T8 plug-in hybrids, retired courtesy vehicles and demonstrators. Must take new retail delivery by January 4, 2021, for U.S. residents only. Only one (1) Volvo PIN allowed per vehicle.

Volvo Affinity Pricing is negotiation free and is 5% off total MSRP (discount not taken of Destination Charge). The Volvo PIN and the vehicle must be purchased or leased in the name, legal home address of the primary eligible buyer or lessee and must match the sales or lease contract.

Co-buyers or co-lessees are permitted. Limit two (2) Volvo PINs per eligible customer per year. Vehicle shown with optional equipment at an additional cost. Volvo Car USA reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time without notice. European specification vehicle shown. Not compatible with other A-Plan or Affinity PIN offers. Offer is non-transferable. See dealer for complete details and eligibility.*

Thanks for the comments. @Bostoncarconcierge has been helping me much! I still wanted to educate myself as well since I had little sense about what a good discount range is and knowing this would help me lease another with a good price in the future.

By the way, I fixed the healthcare rebate in my calculation from $1000 to $500, which changed the Pre-Incentive discount from 8.5% to 9.4%.