Volvo XC60 Lease Equity

Hey everyone. Looking for some advice. We’re closing the deal on a Subaru lease and I’m looking to cash out our 21 XC60 T5 Insc lease. I understand they don’t allow third party buyouts. I reached out to 5 local dealers to see if they would be willing to take it. Buyout is 36k and 2020 CPOs are listed around me are 42k-44k. Not a single dealer has returned my email. Granted, I could be black listed for the years of aggressive lease offers to them. However, I’m still a little surprised!

Carvana and CarMax are offering around 38k-39k.

What’s the best way to buy it out and trade it in? How long does the process typically take? Do I just finance through Volvo, wait for my account number and drive it to CarMax?

I’m in the Pacific Northwest. Not many (any) brokers here who can help.

This means you have no equity, especially by the time you pay taxes, reg, fees, etc

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A volvo dealer can only buy it out if youre getting a new volvo.


That’s good to know. I figured they could by it whether I was getting a Volvo or not. We have no sales tax in Oregon and car is currently registered. I had to buy out my A5 lease after Audi stopped allowing third party buyouts, and I only paid the OR Vehicle Privilege fee, which is around 200-300 dollars.

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Sorry that was one of the voices in my head, exhausted from trying to get out of my Subaru and back into a Volvo after doing what you’re doing. Back to you…

Every Volvo dealer is swimming in new cars, and the ones I’ve checked have plenty of used. Doesn’t surprise me.

Send VCFS a payoff check, wait a couple weeks, title in the mail. Others have used LightStream for this so the title is clear.


Ha! This one isn’t for me. It’s my wife’s ride. She really wants a Touring Ascent.

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Certified Check will be picked up tomorrow. Got everything setup. VCFS said the process can go a lot faster with a Certified Check. CarMax offer is 40,400 and Vroom is at 39,800. Good for one week. I speculate it will take longer than that, but it’s looking favorable!

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I went through this situation in NC with a XC90. Was told the lease buyout process could take awhile because VCFS is slow and who knows what would happen to Carmax offer. Instead opted to buy it so I could then sell it. Unfortunately 3% sales tax and dealer fees cut my equity down to about $900 which was probably not worth the hassle, but I did it anyway. If you don’t have sales tax where you are, this would work a lot better. Deal was funded the next business day on the purchase. Ultimately the dealer matched the Carmax offer and bought it from me, but man would have been nice if you could just sell the buyout to a third party.

I sent the cashiers check overnight yesterday and I’m awaiting title. A Volvo dealer a couple hundred miles away is coming to pick it up on Saturday. Getting about $4,100 in equity back.

The downside of this is I gutted my checking account, so now I get to live paycheck to paycheck for a month.

And agreed. Major hassle. I suppose it’s working for them to get these cars back.

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