Volvo XC60 - Lease Details and Questions

I’m looking to lease a Volvo XC60. I have been working with a local dealer on a T5 Inscription and am looking for feedback on the lease. They’re $2k under Costco and I think there’s still some room to negotiate.

Also, I am considering a 39 month lease instead of a 36 month lease. The residual on a T5 INSC drops to 53% @ 10k miles (from 57%), so it ends up being approx $15 more per month for my configuration; however, I would like the flexibility when the lease is up to get the next model year or negotiate a higher discount on the older model year (e.g., if I sign the lease today for a 2018, I would be able to lease a new 2022 in September of 2021 or get a 2021 at the very end of the model year). Does my logic make sense?

Here are details:
MSRP: 52210
Invoice plus additional discount: 47711
Taxable Rebate: (Costco/A-Plan): 750
Residual: 57
Money Factor: .00005
Multiple Security Deposits: (10@$500)= 5,000
Tax (NYC)- 1912.84 (Rolled in)
Acquisition Fee: 695 (Rolled in)
Fees: (All Rolled in): Doc Fee: 386.75; Electronic Filing Fee 7.70; Tire Tax; 7.50; Registration: 401
36 months @ 10,000 miles per year
Payment: $577.96

Not really since you can easily extend your lease for 3 months and even for 6, if you tell Volvo you are ordering or waiting for new MY.

Conversely, if there’s a 6-month pull ahead, you just might be able to get into a year-end deal before the first Tuesday of January.

I didn’t realize you could do that. Is that a formal policy or an unwritten rule? Thanks

If you do 39 months you will need to pay registration but have the car for only 3 more months. (assuming you don’t get a prorated refund on registration fee)

Is that like a California thing? I’ve never heard anyone outside CA bang on about this, because almost everywhere else an extra year of reg is cheap and no one cares about ‘wasting’ 3/4 of it.

Certain counties in WA state are bad as well and part of the registration is based off the MSRP of your car…my Subaru registration was over $500.

Thanks for pointing it out. I’m in NY so it’s not a concern

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I guess only a California thing then. Registration is like 300-500 per year and non refundable.

It’s in your Volvo account - can request 1-3 months and enter the reason. For 6 months you need to call and have a car on order, but I’m pretty sure they will extend for waiting for a new MY.