Volvo XC60 Flat Tire/Tyre Advice AWD

Hi Fellow Hackers,

I have a flat tire and all the other tires meet the thread wear limits. All tyres are 20 inch Conti LX Sport All Season factory installed.

My question is I’m getting a great deal online on Pirelli tyres and can I replace the one tire that is flat ?

I remember reading here that Volvo needs front set and rear set to match on lease return? I’m 12 months done on a 36 months lease on a loaner (had 6k miles at lease start) and I have done 7k miles with 29k miles remaining. The VCFS US website states their excess wear and tear document is being revised and available shortly.

I have also read on the forum on how the tires wear and Volvo lease return claims -so should I replace all 4 tires and save around $800 with the Pirelli deal I’m getting now. Would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you.

What does your lease agreement say? That’s really all that matters, the paperwork you have signed.

I believe it is usually recommended that you at least change both tires on an AWD car’s axle that has suffered the flat. The existing tires not being replaced also need to be within a certain amount of tread left compared to the new ones (usually 2/32" or 3/32 depending on the AWD system). Given that your existing tires have 13,000 miles on them already I’m not certain how well that would work out. Since you have another 24,000 miles to go it might just be worth replacing them all if you are getting a good deal, especially if you can add a cheap road hazard package to them. You could see if the retailer offering the tires is able to shave one tire down to your existing tread depth too, but most leases usually require all 4 tires to match at turn in. Whether you’ll get dinged for that or not is another story.

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How much are the Pirellis? A full set of the OEM tires looks to be about 900 bucks through Tire Rack at the moment. How would the Pirellis save 800?

I’m getting them at a close out for $90 a tyre. The price for the 255/45/R 20 rated H is usually around $220 to $280/tyre.

Thanks for the advice. I guess that’s what I’ll do. I do have the excess wear and tear, which covers me for upto $7500 at lease turn in and it includes tyres and brakes.

You should focus first on driving experience for these 24 months and what tires would be best for that and then factor in lease return

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I was in a similar situation with my S90 (Pirelli tires) and just bought an used tire online - same brand and thread level…It cost me less than $100 for the tire and service and had no issues during lease return…

I just checked bestusedtires and they have very few used tires and are selling mostly new ones :roll_eyes:

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I actually bought from them twice…Maybe the inventory is low due to the pandemic…

Mr. Expat, you’ll also want to be sure to return the vehicle with tires, and not tyres. I’m not sure what that is. Ta!

I did, too. Probably has to do with the pandemic, yeah.

:grinning: Still unlearning !!

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Thanks everyone for your inputs. I’m going with the Pirellis and replacing all four tires. They come with a 20k miles road hazard warranty, so I think i have my bases covered.

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If you have the wear and tear coverage. Why get new tires? Unless its a driving hazard why replace them?

Umm, because it’s a flat tire?

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I think that’s the best play if you are getting a great deal on them. No sense in fooling around with shaving one, etc if the price is right. As an F1 fan I appreciate your use of “tyres” as well.


So I did some more research and this is what I finally did - bought a used tyre with a tread depth of 8.5/32".

  1. I bought a tire wear depth gauge and realized all my tires had a tread depth of 8.5/32". It felt criminal for the environment and my pocket junking all the tires.

  2. I suggest checking out United Tires LLC , two locations in Chicago. Website-

They are listed on eBay as utg-tires.Ships across the US.

My suggestion is to call the United Tires outlet after checking online and you can ask for a tire with no repairs or patches. They provide 90 days warranty and did not find the same offered on eBay.

I visited the outlet , physically checked the tires and picked one closest to my tire wear and was manufactured in 2020. The customer service was great and for those you need it I can DM the rep’s details.

I will post a follow up on the tires in 90 days. Please note these are used tires and would leave it to you to decide on issues with AWD/traction/safety etc.

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I also have 24 months and 20k miles before lease turn in

Those tires sound like they had a lot of life left so I don’t blame you. I’m guessing they might have been swapped out on the loaner before you got it?