Volvo XC60 deal seems like a steal. are they?

So dealer didn’t offer me a breakdown and i’m hoping the community can tell me the better deal.

2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Momentum demo msrp **54,xxx
Due at signing is $1800 and 469 a month (this includes the 11% Philadelphia tax)

or XC40 T5 Momentum SUV with premium package demo at msrp $44,xxxx
for $1800 down and $420 a month?

both seem like the best deals I’ve seen on a Volvo in a while

I’m not sure either of those seem like particularly amazing deals on 19 demos.

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really? there’s better deals out there

Well, let’s go through the exercise of actually evaluating these deals so you can compare them.

Start by going to edmunds and getting the RV/MF/incentives for both models for your zip code. Then let’s try to back calculate what discount they’re giving you on both vehicles. That’ll give you the info to properly compare.

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Check out the Marketplace

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The XC60 still leases much better than the XC40. But as others said, work the numbers.

I just picked up a 19 XC60 T5 Inscription FWD with the Adv. and premium packages (massage seats, etc.) 2 days ago. It is a demo w/ approx. 1300 miles - 7500 miles/year 36 months for $481.31 (not including state tax), 0 down.

MSRP was approx $54k, details below: