Volvo XC60 B5 AWD deal confirmed

Im sure I’ll get roasted for not having all the correct information. However hopefully someone can tell me if this is good or bad deal for current market.

3 month pull ahead on current XC60 T5 AWD inscription.


2023 XC60 B5 plus AWD dark theme
$55,735 MSRP
Loyalty of $1,500 i believe
$5,000 MSD
Additional $2,000 in cash (995 dealer, acquisition, dmv, etc)
$439 plus tax a month
7500 miles, 36 months

I dont know RV or MF (waiting on edmunds)
I dont know sell price. Thats why im asking if it looks good or not based on monthly payment and whats due

Hard to tell anything without knowing critical info.

And while it’s almost impossible to extract equity out of a leased Volvo, you need to know what they’re valuing it at vs other Volvo dealers.

This is not a salesman offer right? Seems like one of those offers on the front page of the website rather

Residual 60% if you do 7 msd, money factor is 0.00132. What zip code you using for deal ?

Sales manager writen offer.
Msrp 55,735
Monthly 439 (got them down to 429)
$2,000 cash down
$5000 MSD ($4k of it will roll over from my current MSD)
I have loyalty and no other affiliate offers

Trade is volvo buy back. No equity. They dont know mileage or condition nor care as its not a part of the deal.

Edmunds said:
.00167 and 60%
$1000 lease bonus
$5000 MSD is 10 bringing me down to .00117

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Something has to be off. That’s a very big discount required to get to 429 a month 2k cash down and 5k msd. Are taxes and fees being paid separately?

Based on your numbers you are getting approximately 15% off msrp, which is a good deal i think.


MSDs should be $4,500 on $429/mo


Looks like you are gettin 16.5% off msrp. Here is the calc you can check, your dealer fee is much less if you paying acq. fee upfront. CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

I will know more tomorrow.

The dealership said: (yes i know dealers lie, but this will be my 3rd with same person so i believe him)

I have a white AWD plus black inside MSRP 55 & change.

Max MSD (5,000)
2000 towards closing cost

36 months
7,500 miles a year


I replied with:
You have a bright and dark theme available. If the dark theme is available and you could do $429 a month so it makes it excactly $100 over my current payment we have a deal.

His response was I just left, but we should be able to make a deal. Will let you know tomorrow.

Check the calculator i just shared based on your information.

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Of course he will, it’s only $360

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OP is in Palm Beach County - 7% sales tax on the monthly. If this is Schumacher, I would be wary. Their doc fee is $995, and this may exclude that, acq., and their nonsense “electronic filing fee.” Here’s what the SM whose initials are TR told me once in an email:


I literally explained over and over that it was an incentive, not marketing, and my mom is an RN and qualified (car was for my parents). Guess what? He didn’t use all the incentives, and I went elsewhere.


So yes on the deal. I dont have breakdown. However im reaching out to other dealers just to see pricing and they’re coming back 700-900 a month. So $429 is sounding good.

The most rebates i can find for my zip code is:
$1,000 lease cash
$3,500 “loyalty plus” if they buy out my Volvo instead of using pull ahead.
Pull ahead would be $1,500 loyalty.
Still seems like a good discount to get me down to $429 a month

If your msrp is 55375 how much % did they take off?

13.3% based on calculator

Whatever it is, if you get it for this payment and 2k due at signing, it is a good deal. I bought my 23 XC60 B5 FWD with 51500 msrp back in September. They gave me only 2k off (at that time everything was still marked up) and extra 1k for my trade. I traded in a 30k paid off car and financed the remaining USD25k for 3.25% (60 month) and my payment is 430ish. I know we are comparing apples with melons here but I think your deal sounds not bad. If you get it for this rate and they give you indeed over 10% off MSRP, just go for it.


Your MSD’s would be $450 each. That’s 11 MSD’s? $429/month and assuming 1st oayment included in that $2000, would be an additional $43/mo? $472/7500k (roughly $488/10k) is pretty good in this market on a $55700 suv.

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So the deal was not as good as I thought, but ultimately its done and im happy considering it was a dealer trade.

MSRP $55,485
Sale price $50069.70
Trade allowance $2762 (leased volvo xc60 with 3 payments remaining)
Rebates and none cash credits $4,000
Max MSD $4,500

Inception cash out of pocket $2,000
$444 1st month
$357 tax
$150 dmv
$995 acquisition fee

36 months
7500 miles
Pre tax $415.28