Volvo XC60 18" vs 19" vs 20" wheels and ride quality

Searched other forums and found limited information. I would imagine that the 18" wheels are less attached in cornering etc but probably provide an overall smoother (and quieter) ride than the 20s. The 19’s, probably somewhere in the middle. Anyone here have experience with the XC60s and the ride?

Leasing a 2019 XC60 with 20" momentum wheels – Overall, pretty solid handling for an SUV, but I think it’s still the happy medium of being able to feel the road vs comfort. Ride can be a tad bit rough if the city roads are in terrible condition (For me, parts of NYC and parts of DC/Northern VA), but 98% of the time, I think it’s a decent balance between comfort and handling - I think the XC60 leans a bit more towards comfort than the 2019 X3 rental I had for a couple weeks, but definitely not as cushy as say the RX/NX IMO…

Also, your perception will probably have a lot to do with what you’re coming from… My last daily was a 2014 Lexus GS350 with 18" wheels… Your opinion would probably be vastly different from mine if you’re coming from say a Grand Marquis :wink:

Thanks @ctnyc. Coming from a cross country wagon with 19s and I find it a little rough. I also worry about rough roads and rim damage from pot holes being more likely on the 20s.

I have 20” rims on my XC60. Coming from a hydrid with LRRs (I think it had 17s) I’m surprised at how good the road handling is, road noise isn’t pronounced, and the rim design makes them a bit harder to curb rash.

I didn’t really have a choice on wheels (and didn’t even see mine until delivery). I really like what I have, but for all the reasons might consider the 19s (the 18s are fatally basic, no thanks).

A friend picked up her new XC60 on Saturday, she has the 19s and I like those a lot too.

Two other random thoughts:

  • these are the biggest wheels I’ve personally driven on, and don’t notice it.
  • Volvo charges comparably less for wheels than the other luxury brands.

Is hers the Osmium Gray? It looks really pretty. Love the Denim Blue as well!

Yes and yes

Similar… but I have a XC90 with 20" wheels. I do have the optional air ride which definitely helps. Probably the smoothest vehicle I have owed (A 2012 Lexus RX is either the best or 2nd compared to the Volvo). 20" wheels on the XC90 drive exceptionally well.

I wouldn’t take XC60 with 20". Have 20" on XC90 and 19" on S60 (but wanted 18")

So you would take 19s on the XC60 or 18s or indifferent?

18" if I liked the wheels, otherwise 19"

Are the 20 inch wheels on the xc60 bad? Are the 19 much more recommended?

20 inch ain’t bad. Road noise is there but don’t feel much impact, very smooth ride.

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20s look nice. I’m finishing up 3 years with them, and given the choice I’d go with 19s, but that’s me.

Why? Because of the noise?

Did you need to change tires during the 3 years?

Road noise, curb rash (will have repaired twice), tire life. The only reason I haven’t needed to replace the tires is timing and being under mileage. If I came into a wet season around 2/24k with another year to go, I would have replaced them.

The XC60 I almost ordered to replace this had 19s. And if I got a “deal” on another one with 20s I wouldn’t say no, but there are no deals.

While not exactly the same, I’ve got 20” on my V90 CC. Rides and handles great, although there can be some road noise on crappier surfaces. Overall, they’re pretty good and I prefer the look of the bigger wheels. Don’t know if you still can, but you used to be able to get factory 21”

18s on my V60, ride is noticeably better than a V90 with 20s, road noise is less but they look worse.

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Went from 20’s on a XC90 to 18’s on a XC60. 18’s ride better (softer and less noise) but do not look at good!


Volvo made the nicest wheels for 2022 22inches. Who tf is buying 22’s

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