Volvo XC40 Lease Advice Needed

Evening. Test drove the 2019 XC40 T4 Momentum. Got quoted a lease price tonight which seems quick off based on the calculator on this site. Any thoughts on what’s up with this pricing?

T4 Momentum
MSRP - $40.310
Sales Price - The same (“low inventory”)
36 mos. 12k miles
57% residual
.00074 MF
MP $648

Does seem off, but probably the dealer skiing in a ton of fees, or rolling all the taxes, accq, etc into a single payment.

Quick off?

RV is correct. Buy rate MF for Oct is 0.00107 (you probably got a marked up rate)
What was the acq fee?
What area are you in? Tax rate?

If you’re looking for a good lease, this is not the droid you’re looking for…

A terrible deal. That’s X5 :yen:

Good Lord that’s terrible. You can get the Volvo XC40 subscription service, which includes insurance, maintenance, 15k miles, and a free upgrade after 12 months, for the same monthly.
Or you could get a fully optioned XC60 or a well optioned XC90. Or almost two QX60’s… I could go on and on.

I had a few offers for pretty loaded XC60’s with MSRP around 56-60k with similar or better monthly.

How is .00074 marked up from .00107? :thinking: It must be just wrong, no?

Edit: just checked September numbers and the MF was .00044, so they possibly gave him marked-up September MF.

Is this in Texas? with the taxes rolled up into everything because it looks like it. You’re in a fully loaded q5 territory here for a base xc40.

Yes- that’s what I meant to say.

As Indy499 mentioned, the subscription would make sense by comparison. It’s $650 + tax ($659 w/metallic paint) with $0 down on a T5 with some options. If your insurance would have cost a lot, it’s well worth considering.

Yeah, XC40 doesn’t make any sense at these rates, period.

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Thanks for all the advice, I figured this price was BS. But every Volvo dealer I call around upstate NY seems to want to give me BS prices. Do they not want to lease the cars? I just spoke with Steve at 128 Volvo in Wakefield, MA and he told me the sale price doesn’t matter on the car when leasing because the Volvo website sets the price… ok, they must think I just fell off the turnip truck.

Also, I can’t do the subscription - NY state…

Can anyone recommend a no BS Volvo dealer in the NY/MA/PA area?

Try a broker - @nyclife or @Benedetto. They can probably get you a better deal than you can on your own.

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I have a pretty good relationship with Glen Cove Volvo in Long Island if you want I can try and help you through them?

If you’re thinking that leasing the XC40 at MSRP is BS, then I don’t think you’ll be getting an XC40 anytime soon. Some dealers are charging over MSRP for them. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect a dealer to lease one at the buy rate MF, either, or not mark up the acq fee to $995. But I don’t know what NY dealers are doing. I can’t tell from the information you gave in your original post what your deal structure looks like. Can you put it in the calculator and post it?

I did PM you a contact there.


Fair enough… I might of had unrealistic expectations - I’ve never leased a car before where the sale price and MSRP were the same. I tried leasing a Volvo years ago, a C30 and the price was just crazy high for what the car was so I ended up getting an Infiniti G37x Sport for a lot less.

I’m guessing Volvo doesn’t lease competitively?

Generally not, but sometimes yes. The S90 with A-Plan/Costco was a phenomenal bargain and probably still is decent. The S60/V60s probably lease out well right now- I haven’t calculated one lately.

Some people lease a car for the payment- bang for the buck. Some people lease a car and pay more to get what they want. Volvo usually falls into that category.

The discount you get (or lack of discount) is a function of supply and demand and can happen with any brand. The PT Cruiser was selling like hotcakes for $3-5K over MSRP when it first came out. Lots of different Range Rovers sold for MSRP and you had to wait 6-12 months to get one. The Shelby GT350 (and especially the GT350R) sold for well over MSRP. If a car needs help selling, the manufacturers offer low rate leases and/or financing, rebates, and dealer incentives.

Volvo actually lost money bringing the C30 to the United States due to its cost and the exchange rate. Infiniti seems to specialize in low lease payments for what you get.

Try Jaffarian Volvo in Haverhill. A friend got her XC40 there a few months ago and said she had a great experience. No idea on price though.

I respectfully disagree. Gavin Jaffarian is unprofessional and only has his job because he shares the same last name as the owner. Would strongly suggest no one purchase a car through Jaffarian Volvo. Maybe if you have a reputable broker who us willing to fix any issues you might encounter but even then it’s risky. I will have a lengthy review up on dealerrater soon regarding the details of the joke of an operation they are running over there.

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