Volvo XC 60 T8 Polestar

Hey Hackers,
I can’t tell if I am disillusioned or greedy…
My general hunch is that this is not a great deal.
Please advise.

Volvo XC 60 Polestar
$73,590 MSRP
$2,000 down
MF 0.00035 (terrible right?)
49% Residual

$11k in “incentives”

What do you think?

0.84% corresponding interest is terrible? Do 6 MSDs then and pay 0.12%

Not sure where you see $11K. Volvo shows $7,669 before loyalty/affiliate ($1,500 max)

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MF of .00001 that Mazda is doing right now is pretty terrible as well.

Is there a minimum MF, regardless of MSDs?

Never saw anything lower than .00001 on Volvo. It can’t go any lower.

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Thanks Ursus,
Incentives also include federal tax rebate because its a hybrid

Your question suggests you haven’t understood the concept of buyrate and where to verify it. You need to read the Leasing 101-style articles here

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It’s a specialty car

But not mid 8s special

Mid 6s - sure


The federal tax rebate is not given to you on a lease. It goes to the leasing company and they choose to pass it on to you in the form of lease cash or not. In this case, it’s included in the $7669 lease cash. Add in the max loyalty/affiliate and you’re looking at a max of $9169. What is the other $1800ish being claimed here?

Are you sure they’re not saying “$11k off” after all incentives?


What @mllcb42 said. And $11k must be your total discount, not incentives. In any case, you need to know the selling price at least to evaluate this deal.

I hope that’s a typo :grimacing:

Maybe/probably DAS

I know dealers were not discounting the V60 Polestar, you may not be able to expect much on the XC60. I wasn’t sure about the 24mo RV, but based on some old numbers the 24mo doesn’t seem like a good option. (+$150-200/mo over 36).

There’s better options at these prices, even if you want a BEV.

Exactly, because there was no inventory. My quick nationwide search shows 9 XC60 Polestars on the ground. And while Grey is usually near the bottom of my list of color choices, you are insane not to get this one:


Neither the V60 nor XC60 P* are A-Plan eligible either.

As @Bostoncarconcierge (among others) always reminds us, if the 24 month RV is 6+ points higher than the 36 month it’s at least worth running the numbers (and likely pulling the trigger), otherwise stick to 36 months.


The old RV (from July) showed an 8% difference on 10k 24mo 59%, 36mo 51%. Keeping the same 8% delta I did a quick LH calc with 49% vs 57% and the 36mo was much better.

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Why you always need to do the math

If only it was not Ourisman… They share the showroom with VW, BTW

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They are atrocious, and no doubt I’d leave smelling like Drakkar Noir, missing my wallet and checkbook – but that XC60 P* in grey might be worth it. Might.