Volvo V60, 309/mo, 0 DAS or

Sorry for the lack of details. I stopped working on the calculator part, though I don’t feel very motivated to make that work exactly right.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:. Volvo V60 momentum, premium, multimedia, protection
MSRP: $47145
Monthly Payment: $309 including tax
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10
Residual: 54%
Incentives: loyalty, labor day cash
Region: south
Leasehackr Score: 13-14, I give up
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Big thanks to @Benedetto for making this happen. I have applied for the bonus drive rebate which should take care of the broker fee and is not included in the numbers above. Shipping included in deal but registratiom and tag transfer was not. Very happy with this deal!

Car is dirty from shipping. I’ll get it over to the trophy garage when it’s clean and registered and take another shot at the calculator when all is paid for.


A1 deal, post pics.

I want to see the wagon


Regardless of what the specific calculator inputs are, amazing deal. Congrats!

Really great deal, post some pics once shes all cleaned up.

ridiculous deal…I’m jealous


Very nice!

Great job as always @Benedetto

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Great deal as always @Benedetto , I love these wagons.

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Is this the best Volvo deal we’ve seen here?

This had to be a demo right? How many miles on the clock?

If it has bonus drive it’s probably new; even beats mine. Loaners (generally unless they time out iirc) don’t qualify for that rebate.

Edit: Yeah Demo with 90 miles would work, has to be less than 500 iirc.

Any vehicle previously owned, titled or registered to another person or business, including the selling dealer, is ineligible. Vehicles must have 1,000 miles or less at the date of purchase. Limit five vehicles per household in any rolling 12 month period from the first application date. Offers apply to retail sales; commercial and fleet sales are excluded.

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Sold as demo. 90-something miles.

Edit: I was wrong. Vehicle sold as new.

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Awesome. Enjoy the ride and that sh*t eating grin you’ll be wearing all the time driving for this insane payment. And post some pics.

I will watch smugly as my wife drives it around. She just don’t know.

Forget the darn calculator!

Open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate!

That is one heck of a deal. You sure there are no typos? I can hardly believe it. Congrats!

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Amazing - this even beats what I was seeing during the Costco + generous lease incentives early in the summer.

You and me both. Here are the deets. I should’ve rounded up to $310/mo. Guess that kills the deal :smile:

Note that dealer retained rebate which is the cash due.

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No MSDs either? Sick deal @Benedetto!

You said this includes shipping too??

That is correct.

Ironically not a demo - would have been marked service loaner or such.

Demonstrator just means it might be been taken out on a test drive.

(Not to sound like a snob)


Excellent deal i chased these for awhile but without loyalty i couldn’t get them to make sense…Enjoy the car.

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Congrats…Awesome deal!