Volvo stackable discounts

Hello- in South Florida , does anyone know what incentives are stackable- for Volvo T5 2020
First responders , loyalty, APlan, Costco doesn’t apply to S60. or any other discounts that may apply.
Thank in advance.

Discussed elsewhere here. First responder/A Plan are both affiliate, you only get to use one. FR caps MSRP discount at 5%, A Plan at 8%. You can probably negotiate lower without either (so don’t mention then).

Loyalty if available should stack

Costco is only XC SUV

Edmunds can confirm incentives along with residual and MF

I’m in the market for Volvo atm and confirm what @jeisensc posted.

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Thanks for making it clear- I inquired about loyalty- I put my name on my son’s lease as a cosigner- hoping to get a future loyalty incentive. But he is not in the same household or state- I was told by a sales person that I have to be in the same household where the car is registered. Is this true?

Thanks again Don

Yes this is true. I qualify for First Responder and Volvo’s fine print states member must be from same household. I’m sure same applies to loyalty but you’ll be able 100% confirm on Volvo’s website in the fine print.

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I wouldn’t recommend cosigning an out of state lease (your kid or not) just to maybe get loyalty if it’s available.

And my understanding is you would need to be on the lease (not just cosigner) for loyalty- someone correct me if I’m wrong.

You really willing to do that for 500-2k? Calculate risk vs reward.

Just to make it clearer- My name is on the lease- with my son- we do not share the same residence-
Will I be eligible for the lease loyalty?
Does anyone know if Volvo will let it go thru?

Idk about Volvo specifically but if you are a co-lessee with your son and not just a guarantor, then I would think you should qualify for loyalty, regardless of address. Many people with multiple residences lease/own cars in different states.

I would just tell the dealer that you currently lease a Volvo at a different address. Did you add yourself to your son’s lease to get loyalty? Or did you really add your son to your lease to help him build credit and because he would frequently drive the car?

Advertisement for S60 2021.South Florida It suggest Costco membership helps? Is affinity same as A-Plan?
Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or advertisement, online or in print. Offer cannot be combined with VCFS Special APR financing or VCFS special leasing programs. Must qualify for Volvo loyalty, Affinity bonus and have a valid Costco membership in the household cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or advertisement, online or in prin