Volvo s90 t5 - NorCal

First time looking at leases

2018 Volvo S90 T5
MSRP: $57,890.00
Savings: ($4,088.00)
Limited-Time Discount: ($4,000.00)
Lease discount: 1,000

Total: $48,302
Residual is 55%
money factor is .00095
0 Down
36 mos/12k per year
Drive off 1323.94
Monthly- 611.19 taxes included

Seems high compared to what others have posted here. What am I missing.

Couple problems here:

In most markets (California being one of them), the T5 doesn’t lease as well as a T6. Find a T6 momentum with an MSRP around $60-61k. Only T5 that will be any cheaper to lease will be a T5 FWD <$52k or so.

The discount they’re giving you is crap. You want 10-12% before rebates/incentives.

They’re marking up the money factor.

S90 leases better on a 24 month lease.

Max out MSDs to buy down the MF.

Do you have a-plan/are you a sam’s club member?