Volvo S90 maintenance

So I went to get a tire rotation at a local shop as it isn’t covered by the volvo maintenance (and dealership was charging way too much).
They said my breaks are wearing down. Car only has 12k miles on. Recently service at 10k miles didn’t mention anything.
Anyone have issues with brakes needing to be replaced early (I assume 12k miles is early).
I passed on it for now as sounds slightly fishy. Maybe will get a second opinion from the dealership (covered under Volvo maintenance?).
I do a lot of stop and go driving…

It’s entirely possible in the 90 series apparently. Hop on over to swedespeed. I’ve seen people mention this about XC90s, though I’m not sure able it S90s. I’ve also heard about people getting it covered and not paying because they wore out too early.

I have a 2017 s90 T6 and I had to get the rear brakes and rotors replaced . The dealer wanted $300 so I bought the parts from the auto parts store and paid around $260 with tip. I’m assuming the electronic brakes are killing the rotors

Well bummer. Dealer couldn’t do it under some warranty?

My rear brakes were replaced at 7K miles. I mentioned to them they were squeaking like they are carbon, they replaced it under warranty. It seems the auto brake hold is having an effect, I’d be curious to see what would happen if I didn’t have it active what the wear would be. By then though my lease would be over :smile:

Hmm. Any idea under what mileage they are still covered?

I’d venture to say 1 year/12k, but couldn’t say for certain.

I would say bring it up to the regional office and they will probably good will some brakes for you.

Just spoke to the dealer. About 2k miles ago they measured my breaks at 7 in the back and 8 in the front. So seems kind of fast if now they need replacement. I will stop by again the dealership for them to look but they aren’t covered.

Again, I am glad I am leasing. Don’t really want to be stuck doing new breaks every year for like 10 years.

Do you know how to do a brake job yourself? Couple hours, a few beers and a slice of pizza or 10, you’ll save a nice chunk of change over the dealer.


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No and don’t have any interest. The tire shop I had my tire rotation at said it will be $169. If volvo confirms the brakes need to be changed I will just take it there.

It’s a pain in the behind. The electronic brakes removal and then the update on the computer takes a very long time . It took almost an hour and a half for the update

There is a computer upgrade ? If i need new brakes I was planning on going to a local shop as it is more than half the price of the dealership.

This is why I gave up even simple maintenance a while back. There are very few simple tasks on new cars, and luxury cars exaggerate this tendency. Not to mention even little jobs sometimes call for weird tools beyond the trusty 50-piece socket set.

Once or so every year to the dealer and call it a day for me. But I don’t drive much.


You can go to a local shop. I’m just saying that the computer update will be what keeps you there a bit longer. I just dropped the car off.

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Went to the volvo dealership. Brakes are fine… and strangely better than they were 2k miles ago when I had the 10k service. Clearly measuring brakes isn’t an exact science.


Perhaps that dealership offers brake blinker fluid?


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Just took my S90 in for its first service. I’ve had it for 13 months and it has 7600 miles on it. Service department said my rear brake pads are at 5mm and front at 6mm and I will need to replace them by the end of the year.

Very strange. You saw above. At 10k brakes were fine (at Volvo dealer). At 12k did tire rotation at local shop and they eyeballed them as low (but maybe just wanted to charge me). Took it back to Volvo for a second opinion and they are fine.
Maybe complain to volvo so hopefully it can be done under warranty if they truly need to be replaced. Kind of ridiculous.