Volvo S90 Deal - Thoughts?

2018 S90 T6 Inscription

$67,345.00 Suggested Retail
-$6,008.00 Cap Cost
-$8,750.00 Rebates
$52,627.00 Net

+$995.00 Acquistion Fee
+$394.00 Dealer Doc Fee
$54,016.00 Adjusted Cap Cost

For 36mo/12k lease:
$902.58 total due at signing
(includes 1st payment and registration)

$568.48 a month plus tax
($604.58 total payment with 6.35% CT Tax)

You are about 6 months too late. Missed Costco/Sam’s club deals earlier in the year. Advice: wait

They can’t ALWAYS be the best deals.
As it is, this is still below 1%, so I think it is a good deal.

oh i have no clue about CT but if they had tax credits i love the numbers in the 500. What is the MF and residual being quoted to you?

@Jrh710 I was able to get slightly better numbers in Oregon. The S90 that I am looking at is ~$73k and I got the net down to ~$52k. Keep in mind the one I’m looking at is a T8 (and there is no sales tax in Oregon). I told the dealer that I had A Plan (because I did have a friends and family code), but A Plan ended up rejecting it. I am working with the dealer now and I think they’ll still give it to me because they are eager to sell the car.

Guessing that your advertising is $500, it looks like you got about $2,500 under invoice, which IMO is real strong. Factoring in the buy rate at 0.00025 and a RV of 51%, I come up with exactly what you posted, using $298 for license.

If you want to get fancy, post up 4 refundable security deposits of $600 each and drop your MF to 0.00005 and payment to $586 including tax.