Volvo S60 T5 E-Drive/Inscription/R

Looking for the buy rate/residual for 36 and 39 month with 10K miles on Volvo S60 T5 E-Drive/Inscription/R in VA/MD. Volvo lists $1,750($2,750 Inscription) + $2,900 + $1,000 conquest allowance. Not sure what is the loyalty bonus.


2016 Volvo S60 T5 Drive-E and R
36/10K: 51% residual, .00001 MF
39/10K: 48% residual, .00001 MF
$2,900 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 conquest or $500 loyalty

2016 Volvo S60 Inscription
36/10K: 53% residual, .00010 MF
39/10K: 49% residual, .00010 MF
$0 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 conquest or $500 loyalty

The $1,750 on the Volvo site is comprised of $750 Volvo Allowance (purchase and finance only, not leases) and $1,000 Loyalty Bonus (purchase and finance incentive).

Thanks for the numbers. But actually, below is from Volvo site for a lease sample (and it’s $2,750 Volvo Allowance for Inscription)

No security deposit required. Monthly payment of $339, based on $39,725 MSRP of 2016 S60 T5 Drive-E FWD Premier with Heated Seats, Blind Spot Information and Metallic Paint, includes destination charge and application of $1,750 Volvo Allowance, $2,900 Lease Bonus and $1,000 Conquest Bonus.

Here is the deal I got:

Onyx Black Metallic/black, Convenience Package, BLIS Package, Heated Front Seats
MSRP: $42,575
Sale Price: $33,300 (w/$6,150 Volvo allowance) — Updated: $32,800 (w/$6,650 Volvo allowance)
Trade in credit: $1,700 — Updated: $1,756
Buy Rate: .0001
Residual: 53%
Updated: $327.91/mo (including $1,400 tax, $995 acq. fee, $599 dealer fee, $127 title/reg) with $350 first month out of pocket

Could you possibly brake down what brought the cost down please?

Is the trade in included in that? What comprises the Volvo allowance (my math keeps coming up $500 off)? And, how much is dealer discount?

Thank you!

Invoice is $40,577 (including $500 advertising fee), sale price is $1,127 under invoice. Minus $2,750 Volvo Allowance (for Inscription), $2,900 Lease Bonus and $1,000 Conquest Bonus (or $500 Loyalty). The allowance/cash/bonus can differ by area, though. I qualified for Loyalty, but I also qualify for Conquest (Subaru), so will use Conquest to get an extra $500 off of sale price for the total monthly payment of $330. $1,700 trade-in equity included as the cap cost reduction to keep monthly payments lower.
Hope this helps.

Yes, that does help. Thank you very much. I am trying to replicate your deal in the calculator so I can try different configurations. I am getting close, but seem to come in too cheap. I will keep trying. Thank you for the fast response.

Try different calculators. The one on this site is confusing - it does not let you to roll your sales tax in or roll in all the fees and shows them under “Drive off”. Make sure you calculate your tax correctly - some states charge it on the full sale price (my case). If that’s your case - just select 0% state tax in the “other” calculator and enter the tax amount into “additional fees” field, along with anything else you want to roll in.