Volvo S60 Lease ending late Nov. Options?

Although I receive letters from the dealer on a weekly basis to move into a B5 at a significantly higher rate, I emailed this to the GM earlier this week and have yet to receive a response. I’m not set on anything. Here’s what I sent to them. I’m not tied to the dealer in any way but had a really good experience leasing before:

I leased an S60 in November of 2019 and am coming up on the end of the agreement. It appears ______ is no longer with you which is why I’m emailing you. I’m contemplating what to do…

The terms are 36/15k, the car was a loaner with 5500 miles. Payment is 485/month with 4950 MSDs. I currently have 33k miles on it and the car is in great condition. The payoff at lease end is $27427.50 + 350.

Option 1 is to purchase, if I do, can I get it certified to extend the warranty?

Option 2 is to lease another S60 for similar payment and spec of car but don’t think that’s realistic in the current market. It’s a T6 R-design MSRP 57055?

Option 3, I purchase and you buy it off me (if there’s equity).

This is really a sub-optimal way to extend the warranty. If Volvo is like most brands, you can search the brand-specific forums to find the one or two dealers in the country with the lowest warranty extension prices. In which case you buy the car from VCFS directly using your own financing and bypass the local dealer.

NTM that “certifying” can mean costs above the cost of an extended warranty. Your tires, brakes, etc. may not needing replacement just yet but they may be low enough to need replacement to pass the CPO inspection. Indirectly or directly you’re also paying the labor for the inspection too.


Why did you send this to the dealer?


Did nearly the same thing you’re asking with a '19 S60 T6 R-Design lease ending in November '22.

I bought the car from Volvo financial in July for $27560 plus $1825 tax/registration. Total into car was $29385.

My wife and I spent a couple of hours detailing in our driveway last week. Car was right at 36K miles. Sold it to local car dealer on 7/29 for $32500.

Took about a week to get title from Volvo financial. Took another 10 days to get Minnesota title in my name.

The bottom is falling out of the used car market, don’t wait.

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Because while I’ve been a member on this forum for many years and should know otherwise, I still have in the back of my mind they will take care of me again.

It isn’t unwarranted though, I’ve leased two vehicles through Faulkner dealers and they’ve been by far the best both times.

They may offer a reasonable deal when you get to the point of executing, but i wouldnt look to them to work out multiple options for you.


My current payoff is $29,144, it drops to $27… in July. So when you in factor in the $1800 for my tax/reg, I don’t think I have any equity.

I’m ok buying the car as I really like it.

Impressive indeed. Not just that you sold the car at a tidy profit, but also the fact that you got your wife to spend a couple hours detailing it:)-

Whenever I’m cleaning or detailing the cars, my wife is usually only concerned with whether or not I put “her stuff” back into her car:)-


I didn’t bother to even wash mine before doing Driveway’s virtual inspection lol

@thevolvoguy whats your dealerships take on this battle?

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Trevose in Philly? They’ll sell you at Msrp all day long (no markups), but doesn’t mean they’ll take care of you.

I’ve squeezed crvs out of their Honda stores at invoice minus holdback in July 2021, but it doesn’t mean that’s true today.

Try Keystone Volvo of Berwyn. They gave good deals to a few LHs during better times.

He has a dealer he is loyal to.

I am not going to step on anyone’s toes. I am not here to cause issues.

If someone wants to work with a broker or specific dealer, go for it.

I am not going to try and “wreck” someone else’s deal. Remember I am a dealership. I can’t just start a new broker firm for $500 a reset my reputation.

That is why you do not see me trying to steal business from Aronchi, NYC Life, and Lease Companion.

If are already working with a broker or another dealer, I won’t step on their toes.

Oops, not sure what happened… this was meant to be a reply to another thread:

I would look at an off lease t5m depending on model and miles but is extremely unlikely that I would want to buy it

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Huh, mine is a T6 Rdesign?

Yes, Trevose in Philly.

I was responding to the person who tagged me in this

The consensus is to go through steingold for the Volvo extended warranty. Each quote is custom based on age and mileage. I’m thinking of keeping the car approximately 8 years in total so the 6 year/72k mile warranty is $2800, with the swedespeed discount code. It takes effect as soon as you purchase so it overlaps the factory warranty. So in effect for me, it would be good until Aug of 2028 along with covering an additional 72k on top of the 33,400 I have now although the original factory warranty is good until the end of Nov, 2024. I’ll be paying 2800 for what amounts to an extra 4 years and approximately 65k miles.

Seems pricey?

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Why don’t you wait until the end of your factory warranty?