Volvo Pull Ahead Program?

My S90 lease is up in December. I was negotiating on a V60cc and the sales manager was going to ask the GM if they can do a 12.5% discount. When I said I wanted to do a pull ahead, he said they can’t do the deal. Did they just get cold feet or does pull ahead affect the dealer’s bottom line in some way? @Ursus?

Did your negotiated price include loyalty?

No, before incentives/allowance

Ask @TaiChi how he got his 12.5% off. But it was at the end of last month. Pull ahead does not come out of their pocket. It is 12.5% that is extremely aggressive in this market.

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Thanks, guessing the GM just said no in that case.

My dealer said that typically, pull ahead is not stackable with loyalty rebates, but Volvo does sometimes allow you to stack under special promotions - Only thing I can think of?

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Yup. That’s why I was asking if the deal that got shot down was structured with loyalty


That went completely over my head – time for some coffee :slight_smile:

No worries, you clarified the reason why it was a relevant question which is good info to be posted.

Interesting. Maybe that is related. We were definitely talking about price before incentives, but maybe they figured it didn’t make sense to make a really aggressive discount that would be negated by loyalty not stacking? At the time of the bad news, the sales manager switched to communicating via his phone, and getting any real information out of him has been very difficult.

They could have also tried to roll in the loyalty rebate in as a dealer discount, hoping that you don’t know about it. I’ve encountered dealers in the past that did that even when asking for pre-incentive discounts.

Semi-related question: Is it still considered August month end for sales purposes or not? I assumed it was because they kept August’s pricing for labor day, but I guess those don’t have to be connected.

This dealership prides themselves on transparency and integrity, I’m sure they wouldn’t do that :rofl:

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Ya I had given him the contact at the dealership…probably said no because of the pull ahead…

This wasn’t @TaiChi’s dealer. Still deciding whether it’s worth it to lease right now if the loyalty doesn’t stack with pull ahead, so haven’t contacted them yet.

No everyone should be using September programs this weekend. August sales have already been reported and announced for all brands that still publish monthly sales numbers.