Volvo minivan likely China only

I guess the Chinese really like Volvo

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I like minivans but $114k MSRP is crazy.

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There isn’t going to be much market for a $114k car in China is there?

You’d be surprised. China buys more Ferraris than any other country, and around ten years ago I started seeing more of them in Shenzhen than in Silicon Valley. They like to flash their cash, and a six figure electric minivan is another way to do it.

That’s all about status…and a Electric Volvo Van isn’t going to earn street cred.
Though if they are going to a Taxi fleet with zero emissions, that is a use case for it there.

Different things have street cred over there. The roads often suck so they like a soft ride. They’ll often have drivers and sit in the back. They like big interiors, taking clients to impress them, etc. For years the Germans made stretched luxury sedans like the A8L specifically for the Chinese market. Vans don’t have the same connotations there as here…

I can’t see a 114k minivan selling here. There, to impress factory clients, etc? Makes a lot more sense than here, put it that way.

From what I understand… minivans are more popular in China than the US (they have models that don’t exist here from the main brands) so a lux minivan should do okay.

And Volvo has that Geely connection so it’s not really a reach for that brand in China.

This is just a better Zeekr 009, a car made by Volvo’s parent company Geely.
Zeekr 009 has a price similar as Sienna in China.

Agreed, cars like the Toyota Alphard or Lexus LM

Same platform as lotus EVs and EX30 iirc

Where did you see a published report that China bought more Ferraris than any other country?