Volvo Lease v Care by Volvo

My nephew is looking at either an XT60 Momentum T5 or T6, Care by Volvo 24 month subscription is $700 or

An XC 90 T6 7 seater Momentum Care by Volvo is $750

DAS DMV and Taxes on the payments, nothing else.

Both have first month free, include all maintenance and insurance. He says wear and tear is included but I could not find it on their website. Wear and tear is a big issue because he is hard on cars.I also could not find any information on the policy other than it is through Liberty Mutual and whether Gap is included. There is no small print anywhere that I could find which seems bizarre in a rental of a $45-60k car.

15k mi per year, 24 month contract (he would take 24 month or 36 months, does not care)

FYI: “Care by Volvo” is not offered in NY.

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I’m 17 and pay 30/month x 2 for 2 Volvos, 384 per 6 months with 36 dollar rebate, with me as driver and my father on the other. Central PA has some benefits. I’m in the most unique position as a young driver, broker, with Volvos to say care is usually a scam. But you’d need to run the numbers like you have to figure out is it worth it and even possible.

It’s usually an extra item.

Markup or cost? Big profit center so this answer can change.

Care isn’t available in NY, so you’ll tough it out if he is in NY state. They also have to approve him, this isn’t a bulletproof product. Some father wanted to give his 17 yo daughter one, but neglected to realize you need to have the driver approved for credit or at least insurance.

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Decided to mute this thread right here.

If he cared enough he could do the research himself including asking questions here. More likely this thread will be a waste of everyone’s time because this nephew doesn’t GAF about what his uncle/aunt found on the internet


Thank you

Wow that is amazing insurance rates, the cheapest I have ever heard of!
He is over 25

Not an issue with him but curious, does that mean he cannot lend the car to anyone? Or does it operate as a regular lease? I would assume if I wanted to get my 18 year old one I would be the approved driver? Can they be added as an additonal driver or simply drive the car as an occassional driver? The same as if I lent it to my neighbor?

He seemed to think wear and tear is included but I did not see it written anywhere. I also pointed out to him that this is an area to investigate, regular wear and tear vs excess wear and tear which is what you billed on a conventional lease return.
How much would Excess wear and tear be a month if he were leasing conventionally through Volvo, what would he expect to pay? Whether going through a broker or dealer? I realize it is a huge profit center. If he were getting a Honda I would be less concerned but I think Volvo can be picky, years ago they tried to get my BIL on a releasing return for rims. My BIL is the type that you could eat off the floor of his car and would be blinded by the shine of the exterior even after three years!

I shop insurance and my cars religiously. This is my Super Bowl. The father I was referring to just assumed his daughter would be approved , if you’re nephew is 25, good record, income and credit, I see no issues. I recommend giving @josh a call, great guy and offered competitive rates (but my local agent and my shopping couldn’t be beat hehe).

Wear and tear use, you’ll be fine,

I get that, but if he disputed the charge or asked for proof, most of the time if it’s bs it won’t stick.

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