Volvo Lease Return - Can dealership charge after inspection

My leased Volvo front bumper lost the clear coat when I accidentally rubbed the car against the garage wall.

The lease inspection is complete and the inspector did not make a note of it. I am wondering whether Volvo can still charge me for this repair after I return to a dealership next month. Volvo has my MSD.

Most don’t, but if he dealer is buying it (versus grounding it), he might try something.

Yes they can. Dealers do a final appraisal. Typically, you won’t be charged though

Does this fall under allowed 10" scratch?

They allow 10 inch scratches??

I thought it was credit card size

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It was 10" long time ago, maybe it changed or maybe not

Thanks. I got a $800 quote from a local body shop for the repair. When I don’t get a car wash the scratch isn’t obvious, a little worried whether the dealership could somehow end up charging me $3K to replace the bumper for this minor scratch.

  1. The dealership wouldn’t be the one to charge you. It’d be VCFS.
  2. That’s not a “minor” scratch. That’s pretty severe as far as scratches go

Thanks. I might as well get it fixed before I return the car, some peace of mind