Volvo lease return/buyout

I have a 2018 Volvo XC90 with a lease expiration July 2021. I have seen where folks are selling to VROOM, Carvana, and CarMax. I contacted Volvo Financial Services and they stated the only two options is to buy at lease end or turn into a Volvo dealer. From this, it sounds like I could not trade or sell to a third party. Is this information correct?

Correct. Volvo FS doesn’t allow third party buyout unless it’s a Volvo dealer.


Added 3rd option to your question.


Thank you!

Thanks. I am not looking to purchase or lease another Volvo. I am planning to lease a Lexus GX460.

Some dealers might buy it outright, so you might try that option. Especially if their lot is empty.

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Thanks again. Most dealership lots are empty in GA. Vroom has offered about $3k more than my lease buyout, but not sure how all of it work, plus we pay what is called TAVT (Title Ad Valorem Tax) with each purchase in GA. The TAVT is about $2,150. This would take up most of the profit I was hoping to make.

If a volvo dealer buys out the lease, you don’t have to pay TAVT. Only if you buy out the lease.

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Thanks and that makes sense. Once I receive a Volvo buyout figure, I could show them “current” VROOM, etc offers. Thanks again!

It’s worth a shot. If they’re aware of the challenges with selling to vroom, that may not go over too well, but if they’re not, it may work out for you.

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True! I doubt I will take the gamble to buy and try to resale so I am okay with a turn in. With the crazy vehicle situation and values, I would love to make a little.

Yah, probably not worth the effort here to buy it out and resell and hope the value is still there by the time you get the title, etc.

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