Volvo lease- multiple drivers

Looking to lease a Volvo in the near future, but wondering what the restrictions are on who can drive the car. Does any driver need to be on the lease?
Found this sample contract (not sure how up to date, and also appears specific to NJ) which mentions “authorized licensed drivers”, but I don’t know if that means authorized by Volvo specifically, or just authorized to drive in general.

Appreciate the help.

It means anyone with a valid drivers license. You do not need to list additional drivers. For insurance purposes, you would need anyone else driving the vehicle to have insurance.

Is this true? Normally if a licensed driver without insurance drives your car than your insurance covers them and the vehicle. In some states, even if the other driver has insurance your insurance still is primary for someone driving your vehicle.

You are correct. Your insurance will cover if you let an uninsured driver use your car, and causes an accident. However, if the damage caused by the uninsured driver exceeds your policy limits, you are on the hook for the rest.

It’s a bigger deal if you let someone without a license drive the car, and they get into an accident. In that instance, the lessee is in default of the lease.

I’ve had this discussion a few times and learned better than to make any sort of blanket statement.

For example, look at the difference in law between Maryland and Virginia, two states whose legal systems developed in a fairly similar manner. And this is even trickier because of the way many people frequently travel between the two states. You don’t know what law will apply until you know where the accident happened.

The only certainty is that if you let an unlicensed driver use your car and they get in an accident then yes you will be in default and personally liable for all damages.


But what if my uninsured friend borrows the car and crashes it on the DC/Maryland border? He doesn’t have a driver’s license, but he can drive a boat.

Thanks for the help- I think that answered my question specific to the lease.


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