Volvo Lease credit requirements

Trying to Lease a 2024 XC90. Fico Auto 8 is 704. Regular Fico 8 is 681. Will I qualify for lease at volvo? Have high salary, DTI is low. Going to talk to dealer this week, any tips appreciated.

You can be any tier - it doesn’t matter as Volvo has the same MF for all tiers.

With VCFS on a lease, it’s either approved or not.


with my scores do you think I will qualify

I don’t see why not. Have you ever leased or financed a car before?

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have not myself, I have a mortgage not sure if that will help. but have a cosigner who has financed a car before.

Most important thing to Volvo is dti. Shoot us an inquiry. We can make the experience far better than going to the dealer

Yes, you should be just fine.