Volvo Incentive Stacking

Happy Memorial Day!

Can someone share what incentives stack with Volvo? I qualify for the following:

  • Costco
  • Loyalty
  • Medical Professional
  • A Plan
  • USAA

I am in GA.


Depends on the region. Search brokers’ posts, it has been discussed many times

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Right I know about @aronchi and @Bostoncarconcierge’s threads. But given the latest changes in the promos, I didn’t see anything with this combo of eligibility.

forget about a plan and USAA. a-plan limits you to a much lower discount percent and will cost your thousands. As far as I’m aware, the USAA affiliate cash is overridden by the medical professional.

The big question is if you get stack costco, loyalty, and medical in your region.

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Reach out to @Benedetto. He can help you combine Costco/Loyalty/First responder. And he can sell to you in your area unlike some guys who are limiting deals to just their region right now.

I wish I could use @Benedetto , but I have a 2017 XC90 T8 R-Design I’m trying to trade in, so thinking about a dealer here in this area. However, in GA it doesn’t appear they have First Responder anymore, so maybe I should think about it…

Carvana? They are buying again.

yeah they gave me an offer that was 10% less than what they gave me in late March. It’s still an option, but that’s a pretty big swing. A local Volvo dealer may give me more for a trade (car only has 21K miles on it), and combined with the sales tax savings, it could be more advantageous.

Carmax or Vroom? Look into all your options before deciding on anything, whether to negotiate yourself, or use a broker, etc.

yep. I’ve bought/sold/leased over 50 cars, and got a unicorn deal on a Mercedes E300 back in 2017, so I’m familiar with the drill. My spreadsheet is pretty full with a few different scenarios.

Interestingly, Vroom has consistently priced WAY lower for the XC90 than Carvana. The best offers came from KBB Instant Offer before they shut it down, but those weren’t really guaranteed offers anyway.

Once I square away the incentive stacking and look at the give and take, I’ll figure out what works best - which might include just keeping the XC90 :slight_smile:

Let me encourage you to still reach out to @Benedetto. I can’t go into specifics but he might still be able to help if you are in GA.

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