Volvo FR /Medical/...Incentive $500 California?

My dealer said that s60 t5 FR Incentive is $500
and FR incentive is different depend on model.
but I believe 1500.
Am I wrong?
If I am right, How can I prove it to dealer.

So, you PMed me with the same exact text and got the answer. Couple of them, actually.Then you go and ask again? Second opinion doesn’t hurt, I guess.
But I think you are just too lazy to do some work yourself.


sorry about that.
I didn’t realize I asked the same question twice.
I think it’s because I’m not good at the PM function
AnD I just followed your answer.
but still confused.

anyway thankyou.
please don’t get me wrong.
I apologize you again.

Did you do what I suggested?

  2. Select S60 and your trim (Momentum/Inscription/R)
  3. Select T5
  4. Select “Summary” from the menu
  5. Select “Payment Estimator”
  6. Enter your zip
  7. See all incentives
  8. Make sure you select correct Affiliate for lease - if you select one for finance then lease breakdown disappears and you see warning message. Unselected and select the other Affiliate.
    This is all, take a screenshot and send it to your dealer, if it’s different from what he gave you.

Edit: yes, it is $500 on lease and $1,000 on finance. And there is $4,500 Volvo allowance

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thank you . I will try it!