Volvo 19 xc90 lease quote review please

Just received volvo xc 90 t5 momentum lease quote from dealer.

Is it good or bad?

It will be my first lease,so i have no idea what is good and what is bad.

Tried to read all faq and forum yesterday, but still not sure.

Msrp 57440
Selling price 49818
Cap fees 1080
Total 50898

Rv 62% 35612
Mf 0.00191
Monthly 589.83, after tax 635.54

Das 1262.29

I am in socal.

Any sugestion or advice will help.


Head over to the Edmunds forum to verify what the RV, MF, and incentives are so you can evaluate the deal and see how bad it is. Without that info, you’re shooting in the dark.

Can probably do better, look at Benedetto’s spreadsheet.

Benedetto marketplace thread

If you’re going T5 momentum, focus on a 2020

Much better program

See the article Michael just wrote on the homepage

Sorry. Cant find michael’s post. Can i have a link? Thanks

It’s on the Homepage.