Volkswagen Jetta SEL Premium

I was offered a lease for 10k/36 and $43X (DMV and First month) due at signing for $365 a month. The residual was about 61% and. 00125 MF I believe. We don’t qualify for VPP nor do I want put money down on a one pay or MSDs for the people who might suggest a Q50 :grin:

MSRP was $28XXX and selling was $26XXX. I checked Honker and got a price of $351 for 7500 miles so I still have some room for negotiation.

Anyone have any suggestions on other cars which must have ACC, BSM, and Android Auto? And not necessarily needed but liked (Vented seats or Memory seats)

Thanks for the feedback in advance!

Edit: Honker just went up to $374 within the last hour and I forgot to screenshot it :triumph:

Sonata limited?..

I got a quote yesterday of $395 but a few months ago i did get a quote before the slight refresh for the 2018s adding back the panoramic sunroof for around $310. I think they had like $3 or $5k in incentives at the time so that helped a lot.

Where are you? In SoCal the Audi A4 can be had for $0 down and high $300s, and it comes with CarPlay and standard navigation/virtual cockpit (ignore the online configurator - dealers are now stocking a “Summer of Audi” model where the tech and convience packages are standard). If you need blind spot the Premium Plus can still be had in the low/mid $400s. If you must have ACC then forget because the Prestige leases suck.

I can’t believe a sane person would be willing to spend $350+ on a Jetta. Don’t get me wrong, best value on the market for under $30k in terms of features but the leases suck.

I’m located on Long Island so the deals aren’t too great.