Vhooloo’s Independence Month Slick Deal specials 🇺🇸

Back by popular demand and since people still whine that nobody wants to do the grunt work anymore. Vhooloo is creating the one stop monthly slick deals lease hackr post to celebrate America :us::oncoming_automobile::heart_eyes:

Well here it is. Vhooloo is telling you boys and girls what to lease this month.

2019 Audi etronRange from 500 to 650 on 80k msrp 300 to 400 on 73k MSRP with loyalty West Coast . Key is to have costco or loyalty and find a dealer who has the low msrp premium plus one. See @Samaudibh posts for example.

Will update as more deals come in. Other scribes welcome to add to this thread. I cannot recommend jrouleau Tundra deals this month or any Tundra deal. Also not recommending Volvo deals until they stop nickel and diming people at lease return.

Adding Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. I don’t think they make a better SUV for that price! See post from

2020 GC Overland (4) SUPER LIMITED $50,985 $326.00 39/10 @Cars4Us

Now adding the 40k Honda Pilots that are leasing for 350-400 with nice conquest incentive!! @Bostoncarconcierge in NE, @jlgarza15, @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto.
I am also giving a shoutout to @HondaSoCal but does that guy even lease cars lol or does he just tell you to get a honda lawnmower?

** updating with @aronchi 350 mdx**

Also updating with @AutoCompanion and his 600ish Supra?

Adding 209 v60 from @Benedetto

Blockquote Line 2 on V60 - 47k MSRP
$299 + tax w/ $1500 on 36/10
$239 + tax w/ $1500 and loyalty
$209 + tax if you add MSDs!


This hasn’t been consistent with my experience with them, nor does it seem to be the general experience with the people in that thread, other than the thread starter and one other person.


I am willing to remove that caveat if it proves to be false/one off…

What’s your threshold for proof? Are you expecting people to post on the forum that they returned their Volvo lease without issue? Why would they do that?

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Agree, my volvo return had no issues.


How would you prove that?

This is my post. The only proof I need is my eyes. Yes I am going over to volvo forums and asking if anybody has issues with lease returns.


I returned my Volvo in March just before the lock down. No issues and received all MSDs back. :wink:

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Please vote on the unscientific poll if you don’t mind

Ok Volvo lovers win 9 to 1. Removing blurb about Geely/Volvo.

Prior to last year, I don’t know there was 9 Volvo owners in the United States :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You need Costco AND Loyalty to get the great deals. Not having Loyalty adds ~$100/mo.

Not true. Dealers are doing the costco deal which is nothing special even without costco. So loyalty is the key here

True, I think Ursus voted five times here…

did you even read my post?


Costco is about 10% off. Haven’t seen anything that says it is in addition to dealer discount rather than it is the dealer discount.

I’m kinda hurt you didn’t add my Bolt deal to your post. I guess that takes you off the LeaseHackr friends C8 giveaway waiting list :sleepy:


I need volume. Your one off Bolts do not qualify. But soon I may add one of your bow ties on wheels lol

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I may look and sound illerturate but I iz not.

9-0, I e wanted to see poll results, not vote.