Vhooloo etron 350 challenge results

Two people have contacted me with etron deals below 350. As soon as I get verification, I will make a donation.

Just to be clear: this is a challenge. This is not an offer to broker or replicate. I did the challenge to inspire hackers.

Do not contact me asking me how to replicate. I will post the numbers but no dealer or hacker info so they can enjoy their deals in anonymity.


Does an employee deal count?


I’ll make a donation as well — need a car ASAP

Data point will be helpful

Lol. You got me there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ok I shall rephrase. It has to be a deal that a hard-working savvy LH member could qualify for. So have to exclude employee deals but will include loyalty, costco…

You didn’t include that in your original stipulation. Can’t change the rules afterwards…


It’s an addendum lol —

Ok can someone please step up and give @Dany1122 an etron deal lol? Looks like he needs one.

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Kind of agree with you. I love sports and I definitely agree we should not change rules Once the starting whistle is blown.

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I have been reaching out to dealers all over. Haven’t been offered any good deals as of yet. A few that seem to offer good deals on this forum cannot do leases for Illinois residents. Would love to get a great deal on a e tron for sure !

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Posting the calculator on a verified deal. Nicely done sir!


That’s not $350.

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In the original challenge, I allowed fees to be in drive offs, he did zero drive off… IF I uncheck 0 DAS, I get 315 with 1.8k drive offs…

Like this post if you think the above deal qualifies for the vhooloo 350 etron challenge allowing for bank and inceptions to be paid out of pocket …


Thanks to 2 members who got a breathtaking hack on the etron, I have made the $100 challenge donation to LH. @michael, can we have a Bugatti dropdown in the calculator now?


On that note, I’m hiring freelancers who specialize in e-tron.


What’s the $800 post-sale rebate?

Somebody has pointed out this is “West Coast only” due to increased marketing there, but I think that is not a disqualifier - just find a dealer willing to ship !

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I like it.

Anyone seen what vroom/carvana will pay for one of these heavily discounted cars? Might find a sweet spot before the market corrects itself… :wink:


PGE $800 post-sale rebate