Vehicles coming from overseas

If you have an order and are waiting for your European car, here is a way to find the vehicle carriers’ schedule to your port in the US.
I wanted to see if I can track my Defender. All I know it was coming from Slovakia, so I found the port where it was being delivered by train here
Then I found the schedule to Baltimore from Zeebrugge here
Then I can track the boat here, if only I knew to which boat my vehicle was assigned to lol


For a second, I thought @Ursus was hacked because this is not a post about a Volvo.

Congrats on the Defender order!


Now I know the vehicle carrier my car is on and can track it. But the boat was already delayed by 4 days and is just sitting off the coast of England, waiting to enter Southampton port after leaving Zeebrugge on schedule.

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Finally on its way to NY then Baltimore after 9 days delay.

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