Using dealer discounts on top of below invoice pricing

Hi Everyone,

So, my firm has affiliate pricing with FCA. Basically, I can get any vehicle for 1% below invoice minus any available rebates and incentives ( this includes purchasing and leasing). Further more, I use true car to see what Dealer discounts are available on current inventory.

Would i be able to use my affiliate program for below invoice pricing and also take advantage of the dealer discount ?
I would assume that i would be unable to, but i wanted to ask and see if anyone had any information, advice, or insight they could lend me.

Thank you in advance,


You answered your own question. I might be wrong but cant combine dealer discount plus your discount. Dealer discount will most times be better than affiliate pricing if you have time to negotiate and such.

I also have FCA Affiliate pricing. I found that leading with it got you stuck at the 1% below invoice.

When I got my Jeep, I went in with the discount I wanted without mentioning Affiliate; they countered with their best offer. I then brought up my Affiliate eligibility, and they came down $500 less than their best offer.

So the Affiliate kind of worked out like a rebate - I worked the best price I could, then stacked Affiliate and incentives.

I found the same thing happens with Costco and TrueCar - those are easy ways to go in low without negotiating, but they are not the best prices you can get.

its not always true, many times you wont get much extra for combining dealer discounts with affiliate pricing, but can perhaps get some back.

i.e. imagine Chrysler knows the dealer cost is $X and they say that if you sell to these affiliates for $X we’ll give you a small bonus, so you dont lose money, but you wont make a lot of money on that sale either (though could help them towards their volume numbers)

now, if the dealer is willing to lose money on that sale by giving an even bigger discount (i.e. to reach some level of targets that give them big bonuses) the fact that Chrysler is willing to give the dealer a small amount of money isn’t going to change the discount you can get much and most dealers probably aren’t inclined to figure out how much of that bonus they are willing to kickback to the buyer as it might be based on multiple different variables and the benefit being relatively small.

In my case, a dealer gave me a $50 credit for bringing in a supplier discount number.(i.e. $50 total, not $50 a month). perhaps it benefited him more, but that $50 was more than most other dealers were willing to even do.