Using cargurus pricing as sales price / cap cost

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Newbie here, first post, but could not find anything answering this question. Have seen a lot of posts mentioning using cargurus’ great price as a guide to the sales price for the lease. However, when searching for a lease in my area, if I am quoting a price based on the price history of the vehicle (at the same dealerships), the dealerships are outrightly declining such an offer. I understand the sales vs lease incentives are different, however how do you guys manage to utilize the car gurus price history / suggestions to structure your lease payments off of?
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Cargurus does breakdown the price and what incentives are included, and the price advertised there is the same as the dealer website and any other site the vehicle is listed on. Dealers pricing is usually updated once a day, they send the same info to all the sites. Cargurus is good for finding the days in stock info

I’d say in general the prices advertised on the web are nothing spectacular, in my market seems like the majority of discounts are less than the magically 10%

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I just hacked two high optined BMW 540i’s under $400 month 36/12. I’d recommend using to locate a car. Set the range as far as your willing to travel. Locate a vehicle that’s been on the dealers lot a long time that you like and would enjoy driving. Negotiate discount off MSRP…the longer on the lot or in a loaner program the larger the discount. Then seek out all incentives you might be eligible for conquest or loyalty + grad + codes + supplier, and/or company. Check for RV and MF. Be and stay informed throughout the process. I traveled from NC to GA for the right deal on the right cars.


CarGurus is most useful for tracking age of vehicle at that dealership. The longer a vehicle has been a dealership, maybe the great the chance for a deeper discount. Doesn’t always happen, though.

Many times, the advertised price on the internet is for purchase and it includes every incentive possible, including incentives that conflict with each other and may not include the destination charge. I’ve also seen Chevrolet dealers employing the tactic of saying “all prices are inclusive of 2k down payment” in their ads to put their listings even further below the most competitive listings.

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Yeah you piggy bank on @StingerTT, read all the fine print in the carguru listing, some dealers are straight up shady with the stacking of incentives, like AARP and college grad combined and only available on the blue moon

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Thank you all for your replies! Makes more sense now, I was using cargurus as a guide to the sales price instead of looking for the oldest vehicles on the lot. Appreciate the information!

…or it indicates a dealer who is unwilling to deeply discount their vehicles and hugging onto aged inventory hoping that the sucker will eventually come along. YMMV. Check if the dealer still has 2018 new/demo inventory, that is a good clue.

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Minus the X1’s that were on stop sale

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Im in the market for a 540i and was wondering if one of those cars you found was still available? Thanks in advance.

I actual took two 2019 540i’s. What state are you in? I have a contact just outside Atlanta. If you’re interested just let me know.

I am in Miami, FL

If you’ll consider heading to Roswell GA…I’ll pass along my contact. Probably cheap flight and drive back. Shipping might cost $550.

I would consider it for the right deal! Im hoping to find a 540i M Sport.

Tell Brian that Tony Iadanza from Raleigh referred you:

Brian Epstein
Client Advisor
United BMW
11458 Alpharettta Highway
Roswell, GA 30076
Cell.: 678.756.3806
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Good luck…

Congrats on your deals, were they sign and drive or with MSD’s?

Went with 7 MSD. Saved $30/month per car. Excellent return on investment.