Used Nissan Maxima Platinum worth leasing?

Hey all,

Since my Kona experience I’ve been browsing around and test driving different cars. I noticed a nearby Nissan Dealer has a Nissan Maxima platinum with lighting kit and all the goods with 27,000 miles. Because it is a Nissan dealer they should be able to lease it, correct? It’s currently listed at $28k and looking at something similar new 41k-ish MSRP. I used the search feature and found very few hits and the ones I did were in the high 300s but most were not used with this many miles.

  1. I should be able to lease a used Nissan from a Nissan dealer, correct?
  2. Going from what I’ve read of the shall not be named rule - $270/mo would be a good deal?

Any tips or advice? I know Nissans has a CVT system that most people don’t seem a fan of. Is this a big concern?

You can’t really lease a used vehicle, well you can but you’d be paying through the nose.

The 1% rule is a guideline not really a rule plus it doesn’t apply to a used vehicle.

I’m getting the feeling you are not grasping the concept of leasing, maybe read the wikis before you actually make a decision.

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AFAIK, NMAC doesn’t lease used cars. Dealer plays no involvement in that…lease parameters are set up by the captive (in this case NMAC)