Used Car Deal Review - 2017 Volvo XC90


Thanks for helping me out. Due to our car being totaled (everyone is fine) I’m between leasing a new Subaru Forester Touring or purchasing a used 2017 Volvo XC90. My wife and I love the Volvo, and I found what I think may be a good deal, but there are of course some caveats. Was hoping I could get some advice about this deal:

2017 Volvo XC90 Momentum
Clean Title, 1 owner
110,000 miles (yes, the big problem)
Full Volvo Service Record
No accidents, etc.
Convenience Pkg, HUD
Dealership is asking $22,500

Thoughts? They won’t budge on price. I called a local Volvo dealership and they pulled the maintenance records and it’s been well serviced. I plan to bring it to the closest Volvo dealership and pay to have the full inspection done.

Subaru. No no no no. Subaru, please.


Why is that?

I have two Volvo’s, honestly my Overwatch and Tarkov friend is a Volvo service guy in IL. Having a European car out of warranty is usually a bad idea, especially one with 110k miles.

These cars run on software, a lot of it, and software / electronics aren’t something people like to put 110k miles of faith in.

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Yea I’m going to second what @HersheySweet said. Your going from making one of the most sound purchases in a Subaru or vehicle that has been driven a hell of a lot of miles for the age, out of warranty, European so shops are limited and they know this $$$. Only Euro car I would own out of warranty is M3 BMW and I still know I’m going to get hurt at some point.

I disagree, a nice E28 M5, air cooled Porsche / RWB, but points remain.


Why not lease an XC90? If you are going to lease the Subaru why not lease a Volvo. I have no problem leasing a Volvo but I would not want an out of warranty Euro car as others have said

More expensive, even than financing his Subaru for 63 months at 0% in PA.

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Coming at it a different way, I think this is a bad deal even if you were just considering leasing a new XC90 versus buying this used one. Assuming you are financing it for 60 months, you are looking at payments between $325 and $350 a month, with a normal used car APR.

To lease one of these new is maybe $500 a month, maybe $550 since this is a unique car since it’s a momentum with expensive options (see NYCLifes marketplace for reference). Leases also include free maintenance which is probably worth 300-500 bucks over 36 month lease

Over the course of six years best case scenario would be you spend what, maybe 5k on maintenance? And it Could easily be much more - there is no ceiling on potential repair costs. Plus you have to deal with a car that might break down a bunch. Then at end of term car is almost worthless. If you sell it early, math probably is even worse for you versus leasing.

Its just not enough cost savings for me to make it worth it.

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Seriously? You know the answer


This car should not be more than $12k. And even then I would not buy it.


Why are people still refer to Volvo as “European”? It is Chinese. Not that it changes anything, it actually may even result to be better. I agree with others, at that mileage it’s way overpriced.

If you really want it take that dealer website, pick any stock and use that Volvo as a trade-in to see what they value it for. Offer $1-2k more and see how they giggle.

Because Volvo is still designed in Sweden. You don’t call Jaguar or LR Indian, do you?

Back then Volvo had the 100k CPO warranty. My S60 was all fine then small things started to show up conveniently after 110k lol. Honestly before that it was unbelievably reliable for me, it’s quite anecdotal but still. Also I’ve seen lots of used S60 sold between 90k-120k miles leading me to believe Volvo really just designed its cars to be reliable upto 100k-ish.

There is nothing convenient about 100k mile cars.

I’ve owned several cars over 100k miles and all have had similar maintenance requirements.

Basically, anything that wears out due to use will probably need to be replaced to include suspension bushings, gasket covers, belts, control arms, shocks, rotors, pads, and even the catalytic converter may start to go.

If it’s a component that has moving parts attached to it, it’ll need to be serviced or replaced soon after 100k miles.

This has been the case for every 100k+ mile car I’ve owned whether it was domestic, European, or Japanese. Cars are machines with lots of moving parts. Machines need maintenance.


You might be right. I won’t call LR Indian as it could raise their reliability expectations. Volvo was bought in 2010 (?), XC90 of current gen was designed in 2014-2015 (?), still in Sweden but already under new management, it is being assembled in Sweden between others so I guess you could still call it predominantly European. :beers:

At 110k miles I doubt any nation will want to claim it for its glory.

:japan:. That’s all I have to say.

Or Rolls Royce/Bentley German :wink:

I’d go so far to pretty much classify any car as being from the place it was designed. Several hundred thousand Rams and Silverados are made in Mexico. Those seem more Mexican than a swedish designed and built XC90 is Chinese.

Outside of politics, what matters is quality, not place of manufacturer or location of controlling shareholders.