Used 2022 Civic, 240k miles

OMG isn’t that 1,000 miles A DAY
If this was a lease, wow that’s some nasty overages


whos financing this at 20% apr :slight_smile:

reddit thread apparently he went to test drive it hahah


Maybe they crossed the country… 100 times in one year?

I don’t get it, either.

Medical courier, drove from Dallas to Houston daily. Bought on 6/28/2021.


Almost as if clicking the link and reading the story might provide most of the details…


So thats your car?


Same question I had. The Reddit post seems to be making an assumption about how the civic racked up that many miles

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250k highway miles = 50k half highway half city

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I didn’t see a story posted, I had to dig through the Reddit post… nice try I guess.

I don’t even like bringing in my car for service twice a year. He brought his car into the shop twice a month.

If medical couriers are paid anything like hotshots, I wouldn’t feel bad.

“Fair deal”

this person could’ve not even left in texas and racked up that kinda miles

far west Fort Worth to most east part of dfw like Wylie TX is 70 miles alone

I could see this person going back and forth quite often and rack up in one day a lot of miles.

It’s insane how big the DFW metro is - blows my mind and people started to move denton and decatur. Go Texas

And referencing that article…

A lot of repeat info, but some fun facts at the end about other high-mileage cars.


Makes me wonder what vehicle I would drive if I was doing the same thing. I feel like a hybrid ES300 would be the ideal choice (decent mileage, comfortable, etc.). If you tap out at $30K I can understand a civic or corolla checking the box.

I assume one would not be doing such a job (requiring so much driving) unless they did have some hard limits, in terms of budget.

But, yes, an ES hybrid would be a good choice otherwise. :slight_smile:

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If this was something like a GX460/LC people would say this thing just barely broke in.

Almost bought a used 2021 Tesla M3LR with 80k miles. Owner drove from CT to GA/FL weekly for work.

Hybrids don’t particularly shine on the highway. Maybe a diesel that doesn’t need DEF?

Beyond the MPG it’s the constant fluid/filter changes that rack up the expenses here.


I was getting 50 mpg on my Passat TDI. Great car.

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