USAA Car Buying Service has Ended

If you haven’t yet heard…there is no more USAA Auto Buying Program.

So if you are inquiring on a BMW with me (or any other dealer or broker) it doesn’t matter if you are a USAA Member. It seems that PenFed is still offering their program which is the same as USAA for us at BMW.

And since I’m posting a thread, there is no additional rebates for Costco members either. There hasn’t been for over a year but for some reason people always mention when they’re Costco members.


Thanks for the heads-up… didn’t realize it’s been in the works for awhile now

Was this program even good? Is the penfed program even good?

Is $500 for barely any effort even good?

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I heard. :slight_smile:

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Not really.

It would take about 2 minutes to fill out the USAA form which ended up saving you $500. That’s a rate of $15,000 an hour or $31,200,000 annually. So…I guess this program could only be considered good for the few people that make less than $31 million a year. :thinking:

If you still don’t agree, please mail a $500 check to Dave Townsend at BMW of Murrieta. :grin:


Now all that’s left at USAA are the cheap international ATM withdrawals and the surly customer service reps.

And I could do better with international ATM withdrawals (completely free), but I’m too lazy to open yet another account.