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I’ve looked around the forums and have seemed to find different answers on US Bank dealer lease buyouts. Jeep if it matters.

Do you have to start another lease through US Bank for the dealer to be able to buy your current lease? And is the buyout number higher for the dealer as opposed to you buying it out yourself?

Has anyone done a dealer lease buyout lately with a US Bank lease? If so, was the process fairly straightforward?

Appreciate any help!

Usbank charges market rate to non-usbank dealers, so to have any hope of equity, you’ll need to either sell to a usbank affiliated dealer or buy it out yourself. Hopefully this isn’t a 4xe you’re trying to sell.

Thanks for the reply!

Nope! Not a 4xe, have had the lease for a few years.

So as long as the dealer has a partnership with US Bank, they will be offered the same buyout as I would if I bought it out myself?

And also, if I sell to a dealer do I have to take out another lease through US Bank?

I’m pretty sure that in order to take advantage of your (most likely better) buyout that you need to sign a new US Bank lease in the process.

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Appreciate the reply! That makes sense. I would be fine with that. Just didn’t want any extra fees added in if the dealer was to do the buyout

The dealer I leased my Gladiator from using US Bank has been advertising lease buyouts and they are pretty specific about the conditions, particularly with US Bank.

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This is super helpful! Hmm…wonder if the 12 months or less to maturity is a specific dealership policy or a bank policy as I still have more than that remaining.

I think that’s a dealership thing, but I’ve heard the rest of the US Bank policies before. Most likely they are just trying to weed out time wasters when they say that.

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