URGENT HELP: 2018 GX460 deal with MS Reserved rebate

URGENT! Supposed to go pick up car in the morning…nothing signed yet.

MSRP: $59,300
Discount: -$6,245 (-10.5%)
Selling: $53,138
Total Cap: $55,525

Rebate Savings: -$6,500 ($5K MS Reserved, $1K graduate, $500 lease cash)

Net Cap: $49,025

Base Payment: $374.33
Monthly Tax: $35.56
36 month payment: $409.89

Due on delivery: $0

MF: 0.00060
Miles: $7,500
Residual: 63%

Thoughts??? Can I grind on pre incentive discount?

I do not know how much typical discount are pre incentive, but that is a great payment with the MS Reserved.

@buster11xx I know its a pretty solid deal overall, but I want to make sure my ore MS Reserved pricing is good too. The $5K is paid by Lexus of North America.

Push for 15% discount before anything.

Do the 27 month term

^ That too!


@Splattered do you really think they will go to 15% discount? The guy I have been working with is saying that he’s never discounted at much!

@nyclife how much less should 27 months be? Is it s much higher residual value?

If you didn’t have the rebate it’d be more expensive, with the rebate it seems like a 20 dollar per month savings.

That’s usually just dealer talk. Another one you might hear is “If you don’t take it, I will at this discount”

They probably won’t go full 15 but it’s better to start higher and get them to meet you in the middle.