Upgrade lease to new vehicle

I’ve made 16/36 payments on my 2019 Volvo XC60 R-Design. The car is nice but it’s a little small for my liking. Would I be able to upgrade into an XC90? Or do I need to make more payments on this one before I look to upgrading?


There is no such thing as “upgrading” your lease. You signed a contract for that vehicle that you are bound by for the next 20 months. Some manufacturers do pull ahead programs that are usually 3 months or so. If you want another vehicle, you will need to get a buy out quote from Volvo, then see what a dealer, honcker, vroom or whoever else will offer you. Usually you’ll end up upside down by a few grand. If you are ok with eating that difference, then you can look at a new lease.


That’s the info I was looking for, thanks @Muwa! This is my first lease so I didn’t know if “upgrading” was a possibility.

The silver lining here is that Volvo does sometimes offer a true pull ahead of up to nine months. So while you might need to wait a little longer, you can get out sooner if you are sticking with Volvo.


There are dealers that will happily offer to “upgrade” you, but all they’re doing is either buying out the lease or rolling in the rest of the payments (manufacturer pull ahead being the exception, but that won’t apply on your lease).

Expect this to cost you thousands of dollars.

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Good to know. Obviously I’ll hold onto it longer, but now I know I can reach out to them earlier than I anticipated.

Make sense. Thanks for the advice @mllcb42

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It’s just like “upgrading” the starter spouse. Oh sure it’s doable, but can be very expensive.

Just maybe you should stick with what you have.


I was thinking the exact same thing… Lol

However you could have your lease assumed then you’d be free & clear & can start all over without thousands in penalties

Volvo doesn’t do lease transfers